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Iron Chef America, Wii version

Iron Chef America, Wii version

by Bradley DeLorenzoMarch 10, 2008

iron chef america wii
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Here’s something to give Cooking Mama a run for her money. If some of you culinary enthusiasts want to heat up the competition in your very own Kitchen Stadium at home, then what better way than to play Iron Chef America on your Nintendo Wii or DS?

Yep, Destineer finally confirmed it. Back in January, a product listing for a certain Iron Chef game appeared (and was later removed) in Gamestop. That, along with Summer Sports, which was then confirmed by Destineer a few weeks later.

Now, Destineer, together with United Media, have announced over the press wire that they’ll be releasing Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine for Nintendo’s latest console and handheld. Not much details have been revealed, but Destineer CEO Paul Rinde is optimistic of their upcoming title:

If the early buzz surrounding the game is any indication, then fans of the show and Nintendo owners are as excited as we are to be developing Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine. With their innovative control dynamics, Wii and DS are the ideal system for the inaugural Iron Chef video game and believe the ultimate ‘secret ingredient’ to these games will be family fun.

The game is even said to have the virtual reincarnation of Iron Chef America host Mark Dacascos, and the developers are yet to reveal if other staple personalities in the TV show are going to appear in the game.

Will we be able play as Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, and Masaharu Morimoto? How about the special judges? Yeah, I’d definitely like to see the likes of Jeff Corwin, Ted Allen, and even Tina Fey (remember those episodes?) judge my culinary masterpiece. And who could forget that special episode where Rachael Ray and Giada De Laurentiis (aaaw, sweet Giada… sigh) faced off in the Kitchen Stadium?


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