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Wow Another New character

Wow Another New character

by Bradley DeLorenzoMarch 10, 2008


Mr. Game & Watch

The Game & Watch series was made up of LCD games that began being sold in 1980 and proceeded to dominate handheld electronic games.

Now, an iconic character from the LCD era is here! He’s the master of the 2-D world, and he has come to fight!!

screenshot screenshot
screenshot screenshot

How to Unlock

Mr. Game & Watch’s Special Moves
Standard Special Move Chef
Side Special Move Judge
Up Special Move Fire
Down Special Move Oil Panic
Final Smash Octopus


<Side Special Move: Judge>

This is number 9, right? Yeah, 9.



When you use this special move, a random number will appear over Mr. Game & Watch’s head. What attack happens depends on the number…

  • Attack strength: 2%. An attack that won’t even cause your opponent to flinch.
  • Attack strength: 4%. A weak attack without any special characteristics.
  • Attack strength: 6%. An attack with a beam sound that pierces defenses.
  • Attack strength: 8%. A slashing attack that launches opponents diagonally.
  • Attack strength: 4%x3. Three electrical charges zap the opponent.
  • Attack strength: 12%. A flame attack. Watch out if you’re near an explosive crate.
  • Attack strength: 14%. A food item will also appear in honor of the lucky #7.
  • Attack strength: 9%. An attack that freezes foes. Take advantage of the opening to attack again.
  • Attack strength: 32%. A massive attack. The opponent will be launched as if hit with the Home-run Bat!

If you’re getting into trouble, try to use this attack a lot and hope for a 9. Let fortune decide your fate, and go!!

<Down Special Move: Oil Panic>

This special move will absorb three projectiles, then make a wide oil attack that splashes about. The attack strength equals that of the three projectiles combined, multiplied by 2.8.


Fill up your bucket!


Press down and the special-attack button once more to unload on your enemies!

This move will absorb projectile attacks with strengths up to 20%, but the attack itself will still be strong even if you absorb just normal projectiles.

In team battles, if you have Team Attack set to on, you’ll be able to absorb your team members’ projectile attacks. This can prove to be a cunning combination.

But maybe there should be a rule that both teams have a Mr. Game & Watch on their side so that they can both take advantage of this strategy.


This is how the tactic works!

<Final Smash: Octopus>


It’s too much!!

The Octopus is a transformational special move, but don’t forget you still have to control it with the buttons.


If you don’t push the buttons, the tentacles don’t move.

Of course, the body still has attack strength.


When you push the buttons, the tentacles extend and whip out.

When the tentacles are extending, the attack strength is located in the tips. The body will therefore lose its attack strength. You should be warned, though, that even if a tentacle is not extended, its tip will still hit.

The octopus actually can’t change the direction it faces. The tentacles to its rear have less strength in them, but will anyone be able to escape even knowing that?


Wow, too cool.

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Bradley DeLorenzo
  • Pigeon_Feeder
    March 10, 2008 at 5:46 pm

    He looks no different

  • Ayce
    March 10, 2008 at 11:38 pm

    Oh yeah he is different. I like him even more now. All of his moves really feel like Game & Watch now. And his final smash is the octopus that is just sooo fun.
    Oh yeah and his stage now is based off of several of the Game & Watch games. It will randomly change after so much time.

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