Gaming Challenge: 2

For this Gaming Challenge you will need to set your targets in site because we’re looking for the Best time for Target Smash Level 2 with….


Yes you will be using The biggest and the heaviest of fighters, King Bowser! I want to see the fastest time on Target Smash: Level 2 with Bowser only. It will begin immediately and end April 15th (so that should give you plenty of time).

There will be a prize..The grand prize will be the vc game of your choice.

Please post all entries in this forum


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  • Potatoman

    yay my idea went through =]

  • Potatoman

    can the prize be used on wiiware later this year?

  • shyguy_zero

    I’ll be entering, but a month seems like way too much time. I already got a really good target smash time in the last half-hour or so.

  • JQ

    Sounds good! I’ll join soon.

  • Max

    Ok I’ll change it to April 15th, I need at least that much time to get the money for prizes becouse I’m already supplying a prize for our SSBB Tournament.

  • noodle


    Stupid, Stupid australia.

  • Potatoman

    what do you mean stupid australia

  • shyguy_zero

    Australia doesn’t get Brawl for another couple months.

  • Evdawg30

    Dude I am totally in. I am practicing right now.

  • skunkchop

    See where it says, “Please post all entries in this forum”?
    I clicked on that link, but it didn’t direct me to a forum.
    Would someone please check the link and fix it, I’m planning on entering this contest.

  • shyguy_zero

    skunkchop, I think this is the correct link:

  • Potatoman

    man the best score i got was 20 seconds I need to step it up ={

  • Max

    skunkchop it’s fixed now sorry.