SDcard loaded SNES9x for Wii


For those not familiar with this, it is an open source project with the objective of bringing the emulator to the Nintendo Wii. SNES9X is probably the most complete and accurate emulator for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

It has been ported to several platforms but the above mentioned coders has brought it to Nintendo’s latest console. The two provided the following changelog for build 0.1.0 20080331, noting as well the contributions of each:

  • Askot
    • Fixed/changed SDCARD slot selection for searching roms, at start you will be prompted for this option.
    • Code cleanup.
  • dsbomb
    • Added Wii mode support.
    • Joystick fixes due to libogc r14’s changed stick values
    • Rearranged menu to make more sense, and consistent with FCEU
    • Add “Reboot” menu option
    • Removed “.” directory from SD card listing, it’s pointless
    • Expand DVD reading to DVD9 size (one DVDs are working again)
    • Added option to go back a menu by pressing B.

SNES9X v1.4.3 0.1.0 20080331 comes with some pieces of documentation that you should read before doing anything to avoid any problems. Also, you can refer to the source link below for more helpful details.


Download: SNES9X v1.4.3 0.1.0 20080331

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  • Mack2D2

    how do you use it? I went and downloaded it but I can’t seem to find any “documentation” including more information…

  • Mack2D2

    nevermind, found a wiki page to help out:

  • WB3000

    And then we realize that 0.1.0 doesn’t have front sd support yet, so use 0.0.9 unless you desire to use a gamecube sd adapter.