Virtual Console, hacked

Waninkoko has posted a video of the Virtual Console Hack at

Bad translation:

This is it!!! Although I cannot believe what my eyes are seeing, already the Virtual Console has been Hacked, or better said… A channel of the Virtual console.

This is barely the start, that even there be details that to correct, but already the channel of an original play of the virtual console has been able to be copied and has been installed in another Wii through a trucha disk.

There is no further info for the moment since this in test phase.

Talk about this in our Forums, (do you think this is wrong/illegal?  Is sharing VC channels ok with your?)'

About the author:

Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • wasdgoesrdfg

    fake i think.
    he didnt started the game. has released an own channel aswell so it should be no prob

  • Daniel

    Its not a fake. Waninkoko was the same person that released the duped channel remover and the snes channel. He has done many thinks to the wii scene so I dont see any reason to post a fake. If you new spanish you could see all the effort put in this stuff.

  • Potatoman

    wait so if you WERE able to hack this would you be able to steal vc games? If so I must get this lol

  • cheryl

    so can i get this game on my wii or do i need the disk ???
    wb thanks

  • Princessb89

    Holy crap!
    He hacked the wii to be spanish!

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