Mario Kart Wii is out in Europe

mario kart wii

I got my hands on an import copy (not my pic above) and will have my “first 45 minutes with Mario Kart Wii” video posted later tonight… I’m at work now.  I brought Mario Kart into work and we’ve been playing it, VERY VERY fun.  It’s all you’ve come to love/expect in a Mario Kart game and more.

I’ll post my 45 minute video and more impressions tonight.

For now, you can read below to find out secret characters and other spoilers:


dry bones mario kart wii

Newly discovered secret characters:

Dry Bones
Dry Bones Bowser
Funky Kong
King Boo

funky kong mario kart'

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  • John

    How have you got the game? its not meant to be released untill friday. I will check afew shops tomorrow to see if any of them have decided to sell this game earl. Cant wait to see your gameplay vid later tonight:D

  • Dannybuoy


  • taylor

    FUCK YEAH! FUNKY KONG!! Day. Made.

  • fadecy

    I’ll be doing a review! (video) look forward to it.

  • Roth

    This calls for a Friend Codes thread. \:D/
    Who will do the honors?

    // Roth

  • Solarwind

    I heard from others who have the game that the cpu-cheat level is very high, as far as how they attack you and regain ground on you. Is it true?