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Wii Fit priced at 89.99$

Wii Fit priced at 89.99$

by Bradley DeLorenzoApril 15, 2008

Above: Me (hey_suburbia) and wifey trying out Wii Fit at a Nintendo press event last month in NYC

If you’re planning on working out Nintendo-style, now is as good a time to start as any. People in North America can finally get the chance to try out Wii Fit from the comfort of their own homes this May 19.

Boasting a variety of more than 40 yoga, aerobics, strength training, and balance activities, Wii Fit allows gamers to get themselves into shape through the use of the Wii Balance Board accessory that goes with the game.

Wii Fit will be available at the Nintendo World store in Rockefeller Plaza for a premium of US$ 89.99. In addition, the first 1,000 customers in the area who place a US$ 5 pre-order deposit will receive a special bonus Wii Fit T-shirt featuring the image and reproduced autograph of the Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto.

Wii Fit has the distinction of being one of the best selling console titles in Japan. It literally took Japan by storm last year – with over 1.4 million copies sold since its release last December – and molded everyone into leaner and meaner gamers through its physically intensive exercise activities.

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