Scavenger Hunt Reminder

Hello, hunters! Man, that line is getting old…. how about something new?

Hello, fellow Homo Sapiens!

I just thought I would remind you all of a few things:


1. The Hunt’s FINAL clues will be added TODAY.

2. To be more fair to those at work and school, they won’t be added until later in the day… The exact time is not quite decided. I will try to compromise the best I can to make it reasonable for both Eastern and Pacific time. For intercontinental hunters, well…. you might have to lose a little sleep 😛 I will announce when the clues are added.

3. If you are stuck finding the third clue, go here.

4. For general questions, email me at: sirvenom ( A T ) wiinintendo ( D O T ) net.

Well, that’s that. I will be back!

P.S.: Have no idea what I am talking about? See the original article HERE. Better hurry! This is your LAST DAY to catch up!'

About the author:

I am SirVenom, and that is all anyone needs to know.

SirVenom – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • Matt

    Will we be told via a post when the keywords have been updated or will we just have to keep searching the articles with the most recent keyword?

  • SirVenom

    I will announce the addition of clues…. I will add that to the post.

  • Luke

    I guess I’m out. I’ll be at my grandma’s house (slowest… internet… ever) from 2:00 until about 8:00. :( Oh well.

  • SirVenom

    Ah, that’s a shame. All week I was dreading how to pull Friday off, since I know that a lot of people go places/do things on Friday. But, if you are lucky, you might be able to pull it off with the slow connection.

    Either way, good job making it as far as you did!

  • Luke

    I doubt it… I’m on her computer right now. It literally took me 10 minutes to connect to the internet and open this page. I’ll try, though.

  • Greatest

    Standing by, everything seems to be in my favor at the moment, and I’m doing absolutely nothing today. So, it will be announced when to start hunting, right?

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