Mega Wall

“Classic NES Mega Man on my room’s wall, made of 7x7cm paper squares, about 2m in height.” This is from his Flickr description.

Found it over at

“Flickr user dergutemoritz created this NES masterpiece using 7×7cm paper squares and a great deal of patience. This well thought out design is cheap, beautiful and erasable if you should for some reason begin to despise this classic Nintendo character.” via

This is really awesome. If I ever have the time I would make   –>;Link.;<–   What a great idea.'

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Brad – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • Pigeon_Feeder

    Wow….I wanna do that

  • Potatoman

    If you do make a wall like that take a picture and post it on the site

  • Potatoman

    by paper squares do you mean sticky notes?

  • Pigeon_Feeder

    ok…I gotta some sticky notes….but I’ll start on it soon….hopefully I’ll finish it

  • BradDelo

    I would say it they are sticky notes. Finding the colors must suck haha.

  • DerGuteMoritz

    Actually, I didn’t use sticky notes. I went to a paper store and let them cut plain old colored paper for me. Then get some double sided duct tape and you’re ready to go! Paid about 7 EUR in total but it took almost 8 hours to put up.