Battle Poker confirmed for WiiWare

Hey guys, my first blog so I figured I’d keep it simple with a bit of news.  Left Field Productions has confirmed that “Battle Poker” is in the works for WiiWare, and they are nearing completion.

James Higgins, CEO at LFP commented: 
“Battles are played across multiple rounds with points scored for each round based on the quality of the hand. Each player uses a Wiimote to point and click on a deck of cards laid across the screen. The first click flips the card over at which point it can be grabbed by anyone else. You’ve got to have fast fingers and eyes if you’re to grab the cards you need before someone else snatches them from you”.

Battle Poker Screen

What do you guys think?  How much should something like this cost?


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Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • scullum2001

    Welcome aboard, Mack2D2. I’ve only been here maybe a day longer than you. haha.
    Anyhow, I’m not too excited about this game, mainly because I’m not a huge poker player. But I think it’s funny that the guy in the corner looks like the character from Disney’s Hercules.

  • Mack2D2

    I didn’t even notice that… he’s practically a clone. Yeah, I’m not too interested either, that’s why I figured it would make a good post here… to see if anyone gave a hoot bout this title. Welcome aboard to you too, I’ve been visitin this site since before I even had a Wii, back when led you to some Flash games instead of the blog & forums.

  • scullum2001

    Yep, I remember that too. I loved going there on my Wii (got mine on launch day). Too bad the flash games are gone…

  • Roth

    Should be free to download including online play.
    Left Field, the same guys who made Nitro Bike and ExciteBike 64, haha. Sup with all these developers going all lazy man.. /:C\

    // Roth

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