The Official Wii Fit Experiment kick off!


It’s been 1 year and 2 months since I finished my Wii Sports Experiment, where I lost 9lbs., BMI went down two points, 3 inches off my waist, lower heart rate and more. You can see my before and after photos, video, charts, stats, and more, HERE. After the experiment I received international media attention from the largest and most respected news agencies in the world;

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wii weight loss results
Above: Results from last years Wii Sports Experiment

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I’m still getting interview request today and was just last week I was featured on Yahoo! and RE: “How does gaming exercise work“. I was even featured next to Miyamoto and Steve Jobs in TIME: Year in Review


ANYWAY, I’m here to officially announce my highly anticipated “Wii Fit Experiment”!

Above: Me busting the scales at 191lbs. just before I started the Wii Fit Experiment

This time around I will do basically what I did last time, just adding in a few more control elements. I will continue to do everything I normally do, eat everything I normally eat and see if anything changes after playing 30-60 minutes of Wii Sports everyday for 5 weeks (1 week after the US Wii Fit Launch day). If I miss a day, I’ll make a note of it and that weeks report.

Nintendo was kind enough to hook me up with the US version of Wii Fit to allow me to start my experiment early. They also flew me to New York in mid-March to demo Wii Fit for over an hour. The experiment will conclude in early June and the results will be posted.

Of course doing anything involving movement an extra 60 minutes a day (everyday) will result in some sort of weight loss, well that may be so, but I again I want to chart, graph, measure, document, and record the process. I’m weighing in at 191lbs. before Wii Fit began, I’m not setting any goal for myself, rather I’m just going to go through the program without any preconceptions or anything like that. That way the results will most likely (if they happen at all) will be more natural. I don’t want to try “extra hard” or not eat for a week to get to some kind of certain number to prove a point.

Alright, time to start sweatin’ to the f’n’ oldies part 2, here’s the plan:

Unlike Wii Sports, Wii Fit has a built-in scale and BMI calculator, so I will be using them to keep track as well as my own scale (where I will weigh myself 3 extra times a day to get an average). It also introducing muscle building and toning, so I hope the extra muscle mass will help with my daily calorie burn and ultimately more fat loss.

wii fit experiment

I will be keeping track of the following:

– Weight (via Wii Fit and a Digital Scale)
– Heart Rate (at rest)
– Calories burned per session/per game (via BioTrainer)
– Body fat % (via a Digital Body Fat Caliper a body fat scale and a dietician)
– Pain/Soreness
– Additional Notes/Findings

I plan on taking all of the measurements three times a day to get an extremely accurate number, that way if I weigh myself before a meal or in the morning, it should counter balance my weight before bed or after a meal.

I will also be filming myself turning in a circle to see if there is any visual difference. And just like last time I’m going to set up my video camera and capture some 1,260 minutes then time lapse the footage to around 2 minutes, so that should be interesting.

I won’t be posting any mid-term updates, I’m going to wait until all the data and photos have been collected and write up a complete synopsis.'

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