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Six Publishers to be MIA at E3 2008

Six Publishers to be MIA at E3 2008

by Steve CullumMay 2, 2008

Earlier we found out that Activision and Vivendi had dropped out of E3 this year.  Now, the list has grown to six. Codemasters, NCSoft, Her Entertainment, and id Software will all be absent from E3 2008.  Both Vivendi and Activision have even dropped out of the E3 association all together.  NCSoft has stated,

“their decision to not attend E3 this year, the first time they won’t in the company’s history, was due to the development cycle of their games and in no way reflects on the ESA or it’s leadership.”

Both Vivendi and Activision have stated that E3 is just financially inopportune for them.  However, Activision will be holding their own event on July 15.

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