Top 10 Wii games, $35.50 or less

Not really a newsbreaker, but incase you hadn’t noticed: The top 10 Wii games according to IGN, minus Mario Kart Wii (its brand spankin new), are all easily within reach at $35.50 or less if you don’t mind used games… all on, however Zack & Wiki somehow manages to be cheaper at Gamestop than on Amazon.

Top 10, under 35.50
I’m pretty positive, that the top 10 games for the 360 and PS3 are not this affordable. Not only are we getting a pretty good stream of good games right now, in my opinion, but we are also getting the best prices available!'

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  • flamingsquirrel

    I’m pretty positive the top ten games for 360 and PS3 are a lot better than Wii. Well, maybe not PS3

  • Mack2D2

    Opinions… personally I’d prefer Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, and Resident Evil 4 over Halo 3, Gears of War, or … wait PS3 doesn’t have anything worth mentioning.

  • scullum2001

    hmmm…SSBB is only $5 more than SSBM right now (if you buy from Amazon).

  • Detrabyte

    All of them are good but soccer is questionable. As for the Xbox360 and PS3 Have you all forgotten GTA IV? The greatest game on either of the 2.

  • Mack2D2

    Personally, I think GTA is best left to the PC… that game is SOOO much better with a mouse and keyboard, in my opinion. GTA IV and Alone in the Dark make me wish that the Wii could handle more intense physics engines and detailed/high polygon count graphics… yet I’d still prefer the ingenuity (sp?) over the graphics. Also, while I’ve been a long time fan of the GTA series (before they even went 3D), I question the motive behind this game. It seems so much more pornographic than the previous installments, and apparently for no other reason than to boost sales… this assesment is of course based entirely off of trailers though.

  • Muskynut


    The only good game for the PS3 is ratchet and clank

  • Mack2D2

    Yeah, I always forget abour Ratchet & Clank for some reason… I’m actually mildly interested in PSP because of that series actually. My hatred for Sony is the only thing that holds me back. I’m already going to end up breaking my EA boycott for Boom Blox, I’ve got to at least hold true to the Sony boycott.

  • Night

    Shipping and Handling is just $19.95. Hurry! Won’t last!

  • Mack2D2

    @ Night
    all of those games listed qualified for “Free Supersaver Shipping” from Amazon, except for Zack & Wiki… which is actually cheaper by 5 bucks if you just get to a brick and mortar Gamestop location. So, ummm… suck on that :)