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Westin Hotels Make a deal with Nintendo…

Westin Hotels Make a deal with Nintendo…

by Bradley DeLorenzoMay 3, 2008

Where will you be staying next time you go on vacation?  Well hopefully a Westin hotel because they are getting a new entertainment system hooked up to their t.v’s.   A wii Hotel-edition called the WESTINworkout.


Although it will be released in only 10 hotels throughout the US, they hope to release it in more eventually.  In May, Westin is adding 8 more hotels to the list including The Westin Hilton Head; The Westin Crown Center, Kansas City; The Westin Harbor Castle, Toronto; The Westin Diplomat, Hollywood; The Westin St. Francis, San Francisco; The Westin St. Louis; The Westin Galleria, Houston; and The Westin Savannah Harbor. Westin plans to roll out additional Wii systems following guest feedback from the initial hotel pilot. 

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