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Wii Fit reviews are pouring in

Wii Fit reviews are pouring in

by Bradley DeLorenzoMay 8, 2008

Above: WiiNintendo takes Wii Fit for a 2 hour test run last month

MetaScore: 81/100

(as of May 8th, 2008)

Official Nintendo Magazine UK, 91/100
Assuming you can afford it, Wii Fit is a great way to stay in shape. The Balance Board is top-notch technology and as a package the whole thing works tremendously well. [May 2008, p.66]

Cubed3, 90/100
Simply put, this is one of the best packages on the Wii and something that everyone should at least try out, whether you are a fitness fanatic or not.

Ferrago, 90/100
Wii Fit is going to make Nintendo money by the bucket load. But rest assured there is some pretty impressive substance behind the hype.

Maxi Consolas (Portugal), 90/100
If all of Nintendo’s efforts to reinvent the interaction with player produce such great results as Wii Fit, they are more than welcome. You can say that this a new kind of social game that will bring you closer to friends but, above all, motivate you to healthy habits and burn those “extra” pound that have been bothering you for a while. [May 2008]

Console Monster, 88/100
Whether you are working on a Yoga pose, stretching your thighs, or going for that perfect down hill run, there is a quality and a depth to each of the activities. This speaks volumes about the investment (and commitment) Nintendo has to their causal gaming approach.

IGN AU, 83/100
Parents will love it; it gets their kids off their butts and into sports – even if it’s still in front of the tube. Kids will go for the micro-games and competitive elements. Stay-at-home mums can work out pent-up anger and health-nuts might use this as the excuse they need to buy a Wii. Old people will still scratch their heads, though.

Games Master UK, 83/100
Impressive. But games won’t get much from it and it’s unlikely to get you trim on its own. [May 2008, p.66]

n-Revolution Magazine UK, 82/100
Every bit as good at its job as “Wii Sports” was, Wii Fit has enough gameplay in there to please nearly everyone. [JPN Import; Issue#18, p.72]

NTSC-uk, 80/100
Wii Fit is already flying out of the shop doors in Japan and the same will happen when it arrives in the West too, not because it’s a gimmick that’s easily bought into, but because it’s a great product.

Total Video Games, 80/100
Wii Fit is a “game” that excels at everything it sets out to achieve.

IGN UK, 80/100
On the understanding that you’re signing up for either casual use or a supplementary exercise regime, then Wii Fit is undeniably great value. It’s beautifully presented, joyfully accessible and effortlessly entertaining.

VideoGamer, 80/100
It’s not a solution to weight problems, but it’s definitely a good addition to your fitness routine. The mini-games are really just the icing on the cake, opening Wii Fit up to everyone. People of all ages will love how you control the games using nothing but your balance and competing for new high scores is great fun.

EuroGamer, 80/100
It’s produced a superbly made peripheral and a piece of software that offers both entertainment and a sense of achievement. It’s all very slick and lifestyle, with plenty of white everywhere, but there are the bold shapes, bright colours and moments of sheer charm you’d expect from Nintendo., 70/100
There are a lot of workout tools that claim to make working out fun, but Wii Fit actually pulls it off. Using your weight and balance to control the game is both fun and healthy, but the absence of online play and a party mode combined with a steep price tag puts a damper on the experience.

games(TM), 70/100
You need to know before paying out for (and therefore committing to) Wii Fit that it has to become part of your daily life for it to mean anything. And if you are willing to commit to it then Wii Fit is a loyal and multitalented trainer. [Feb 2008, p.136]

NGamer UK, 68/100
You can look at Wii Fit in two ways. On one hand it’s a pretty comprehensive selection of exercises, cleanly presented and given a novel twist thanks to the board. Alternatively, you can see it as a series of lacklustre tasks that beautifully demonstrate the technical abilities of the board, decorated with the silly lifestyle trappings we’re willing to overlook as long as Ninty keep delivering the proper gaming goods.


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