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Simple Review: Boom Blox

Simple Review: Boom Blox

by Bradley DeLorenzoMay 9, 2008

I’ll keep it simple. Much like this game. If you are looking for a game that is fun and easy to pick while still maintaining that in-depth, mind mashing, just-one-more-game-feeling, this is that game. Think of it this way: Single player mode lures you into the game by starting you off with simple puzzles. Puzzles that many people will not only find easy to do, but rewarding to see solved as pieces go flying about in a spectacular true physical display of awesomeness. You’ll feel good about your success. You’ll love the little gold medal. And you’ll want to play more. And that’s where it gets you. The challenges increase. The puzzles get harder and soon you’ll find yourself judging each puzzle with a strict eye, analyzing each structure for the weakest point or the perfect spot where the nice gentle lob of a bowling ball with bring the whole structure down with an elegant explosion. You will want that gold medal–and trust me, this game in later levels will make you work for it.

That aside–the shear number of levels for single player is astounding. You’ll be at this for a while. And the best part is–you won’t mind. You’ll find yourself every day going back to this game just to finish off more and more of this monster. Honing your skills. Perfecting your shots. Like an addict of crossword puzzles, you’ll desire the gratification of “beating” the puzzle. It’s fantastic feeling.

As for multi-player. Well, get ready to gather with some friends. Play against each other. Strike with strategy in mind. Or play together. Your choice. But the number of options in this mode will lend itself to hours upon hours of unpredictable play. And that my friends is one of the main reasons to own a Wii. Nothing says Wii like friends gathered around vying for ultimate victory at the expense of their peers. Every move by your opponents, even those made by you, can lead to ultimate victory or you giving the game away to the lucky mug who will take advantage of you smashing the structure “just enough” to let him/her bring it down with a gentle toss.

So here is the bottom line. Buy it. Play it. Thank me.


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video iconWatch my first 40 minutes with Boom Blox and see for yourself what it’s like

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Bradley DeLorenzo
  • Kevin
    May 9, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    Hmm. When I first saw this game, I decided I wanted it. But lately I’ve been a little iffy. I think this review has pushed me to buy it. Thanks =)

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