Yay, Nnooo!


Developer “Nnooo”, who has brought us “Pop” on WiiWare, has big plans for the future. On their licenses page they have four of their ideas listed.

Note ahead of time that Nnooo does not own ANY of the franchises involved, and has yet to hear from the IP holders.

Their plans listed are:

Title: X-Men MMO

Summary: A concept for an MMORPG set in the X-Men’s universe

Status: Pitch

Title: BSG

Summary: A concept for a Battle Star Galactica game (not a flight sim either)

Status: Pitch

Title: Pokemon MMO

Summary: We have a concept for a cool Pokemon MMORPG

Status: Pitch

Title: 007

Summary: A concept for an online, multiplayer James Bond based game

Status: Pitch

We are awaiting comment from Nnooo. Unfortunately, their office is closed until the 31st, so we will just have to sit back and wait.


About the author:

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  • http://www.videogamedc.com Potatoman

    A pokemon mmo? I guess that would be sweet if it worked like every other wifi game for the wii (As in not paying every month)

  • koolguy

    yah the pokemon rpg does sound preety sick..i wonder how it wud wrk tho

  • pyroxide

    amazing how a company who can make a worthless WiiWare game would come out with an mmo for the pokemon franchise. i wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be as dumb and repetitive as pokemon mystery dungeon games.

  • pyroxide

    every one of the copyright holders will likely turn down these ideas are they all sound like they should be on BYOND.