Mario Galaxy overrated?!? has put together a list of overrated games over the past 10 years. Check it out, but be aware you might be unhappy with the results.

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(By the way, this is “scullum2001.”  I have decided after 10-12 years to change my handle.  I am now “hattrick.”)

About the author:

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  • hattrick

    testing comment section…

  • Neku

    Why wasn’t LoZ in there then? Halo’s more overated then Mario.

  • Mack2D2

    Hattrick huh?… are you a blasted Detroit Redwings fan by chance?

  • ttam

    Super Mario Galaxy is not overrated… it simply was a great game, it, was short though.

  • hattrick

    @ Mack2D2 — Nope. Not a huge hockey fan, but when I do watch, I like The Blues.

    @ ttam — Not that short…especially if you go after all 120 stars, and then the same with Luigi.

  • Daniel

    I think it was just a little over rated, it appeared too much on tv and stuff while other games that are better werent even mentioned. I prefer a lot more other mario games like mario 64 or mario bros 3.

  • yamiseto

    WTF! How is SMG overated. If I don’t recall, his face was not plastered on every freaking thing (coughMountainDewwithMasterChiefcough). And after getting all 120 stars was VERY rewarding. I smell Halo FANBOY.

  • NinJA

    Come on guys, Mario galaxy was huge.. It had about 35 galaxies with around 6 levels for each galaxy ( Each level was unique, even though they were from the same galaxy ) Including hidden galaxies aswell that’s 200+ levels of superb quality marioage. ( I’m at 77 stars, beat bowser, and still loving it ) You won’t play another game anything like it so I Loved the game dearly and always will.. Don’t know what I’d do If the game never got released.

  • Roth

    Even Metroid Prime 3 was overshadowed by Super Mario Galaxy.
    Doesn’t matter though, as long as the game delivers and it did.

    // Roth

  • swestwood

    Come on this guy has halo fanboy written all over his face, SMG is not overrated if anything its underrated, SMG was freaking AMAZING!!! Halo is the one that is highly overrated!!

  • cfutlung

    I would put Super Smash Bros. Brawl as the most overrated!

  • Mack2D2

    I agree with Brawl being over rated… it’s still an awesome game, but it’s overrated. As for Halo 3… that is DEFINITELY the most overrated game to be released in the last 2 years. The single player campaign can be beaten in under 8 hours (5 if you’re really good) and they barely modified the online/multiplayer stuff at all from Halo 2. Halo = epic FAIL due to developer laziness.

  • skunkchop

    They mentioned that the Super Mario Galaxy wasn’t fun, they didn’t explain why. They seemed to emphasize their complaint on how it’s “the same Mario story over and over again”, yet it doesn’t seem like a bad thing at all.
    Nintendogs isn’t overrated, they were getting “overrated” mixed up with “over popular”. Nintendogs is still really great though, I have it and love it.
    Also, why didn’t I see any of the Halos on the list?

    Oh yeah, let me tell you how much I’m going to trust that website.