Top 7 Consoles That Never Were

I often wonder where we’d be if the whole Nintendo and Sony split never happened.  (For those of you who do not know, Nintendo struck a contract with Sony after the SNES to start producing CD-based games, but Nintendo ended up backing out of the deal.  Thus, Nintendo went on with the cartridges in their SNES and N64, while Sony took their ideas and produced their Playstation.)  However, this is not the only company/console to never make it.  Take a look at the following list to see and read about the consoles that time forgot.  The SNES CD finds it’s spot at #2.

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  • hullbreach

    From what I understand of the Super NES CD deal, the reason Nintendo backed out is that, at last minute, Sony altered the contract in an effort to take an outrageously large cut of the pie. This outraged Nintendo after reading the changes, leading to the breakup of the plans.