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Brothers in Arms on Nintendo Wii finally ready for release

Brothers in Arms on Nintendo Wii finally ready for release

by Bradley DeLorenzoJune 11, 2008

It seems like Ubisoft’s Wii version of the Gearbox hit ‘Brothers in Arms’ has been in development limbo for longer than can be remembered, with many simply believing the project would never materialise, rather like other long-term AWOL game ‘Duke Nukem Forever. However, Gearbox has now confirmed that the Wii product is in fact completed and merely awaiting release.

Speaking with UK website Computer and Video Games, one of Gearbox’s Producers, Stephen Palmer stated that Brothers in Arms: Double Time“…at about the same time as Hell’s Highway. It has been done for a while actually. We want to release all of these new titles at once.”

There have been two Brothers in Arms games released and ‘Double Time’ on Wii is a re-telling of the two stories found in those titles, amalgamated into one tale that takes place during the D-Day invasion, through the subsequent days in Normandie and is spread across thirty new missions. As for whether the team will follow the likes of Activision, who changed its Call of Duty series into a modern setting First Person Shooter, ditching the World War II image, Palmer said:

“I think you can tell a good story in any setting and a lot of people actually really love World War II. I think the fatigue comes from games and products that don’t take seriously the historical significance of what went on and use it as a backdrop for random action. That’s not what we’re doing.

We’re not just taking a World War II time period and creating a game inside of it; we’re looking at history, we’re saying what was compelling about history to people that want to relive it. We’re putting you in the shoes of real soldiers in real situations, with real historical figures. But it’s an historical fiction as well; Matt Baker wasn’t an actual person, but he’s going to pump into people like the commander of the 507 and you’re going to see these figures and what actually happened to them.”


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