New We Move: Pain vs Pleasure trailer – sexual social networking on Wii?

PheroseSoft, the ex-Rockstar and EA employees currently working on Wii Move(now changed to We Move, it appears) a Balance Board compatible game for WiiWare, have launched a rather kinky new trailer for the title.

More at BalanceBoardBlog

I for one, even though a lot of “evidence” has come to light, think this is an eleborate hoax.'

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  • Roth

    What a strange indie game.
    I think those guys are just making this for fun.
    Doubt anyone would pick this up.

    // Roth

  • Niku

    This is a hoax.

  • hattrick

    gotta be a hoax. (at least i hope/pray it is!)

  • Ayce

    You call it an elaborate hoax I call it total crap. For one it does not even look interesting nor is the animation any good. Yay boxy boobies jiggling that’s exactly what I like.

  • hattrick

    crap works too… haha.

  • Santarex

    I don´t think Nintendo would even consider this type of game on their console, Would they?

  • Tony Ng