Wii Homebrew: The do’s and don’ts

wii homebrew

If you’ve read my previous article then you now have a basic idea of what is possible with homebrew. Allthough it has lots of positive aspects, there is a certain risk to it. For starters, it isn’t realy clear whether this voids waranty but I wouldn’t be too surprised if Nintendo refuses to fix a wii with traces of homebrew on it (allthough most likely they will, judging by the amount of Wii’s they’ve fixed that had botched up solder jobs caused by modchip installations). This wouldn’t be that much of a problem if homebrew didn’t introduce a certain risk to your console, and like I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, it does. Executing homebrew on your Wii console will always have a certain risk to it, so be sure to only use homebrew from a somewhat “trusted” source.

The most comon risk with homebrew is bricking due to import games. As we all know some games have updates on them, but this isnt a problem as long as you update with games from your own region. However, if you decide to use homebrew software to enable your Wii to play games from other regions, you might get in trouble. If you update with a game from another region, you’ll get system software from another region, and your wii doesn’t like that. This might result in a loss of your settings screen, meaning that when you try to go to the Wii settings you get an error message. This is quite easily fixed by updating with a newer version of the Wii’s system software of your own region.

A problem with Wii homebrew is that it doesn’t have a recovery system (yet). This means that when you develop something, you have to be realy carefull, because if you do one thing wrong you can forget about your Wii. As opposed to systems like the Sony PSP the Wii does not have an equivalent to the so called “Pandora Battery”, for more on this specific subject I advise you to read http://hackmii.com/2008/06/your-wii-is-not-a-psp/. This also means that if someone wants to do harm to your Wii they can easily do that, because its so fragile and one wrong piece of code can do the trick.

The problems described above are all incidental problems, they weren’t intentionaly created by Nintendo. I will now give you a few examples of what Nintendo has done so far to try and stop homebrew and what risks this introduces. Nintendo isn’t realy known for trying to stop homebrew, if you look back at the gamecube days they did close to nothing to stop homebrew. However, now with the Wii they do respond *somewhat* more. If you look at what they’ve done against modchips, they’ve actualy done quite a lot. They’ve introduced I think about 4 or 5 drive revisions to try to stop modchips. Allthough in some cases this caused some setback, these new revisions were always compromised within weeks. For homebrew, Nintendo didn’t realy do anything against it until about a week ago when they pushed the 3.3 software update into the world. This version actualy checks for and deletes the twilight hack. However, it actualy doesnt do anything against people that have allready used it, so if you have the homebrew channel installed for example, this won’t give you any problems. Luckily for all the homebrew fans that have yet to take the plunge, within 6 houres the original writers of the Twilight Hack announced a new version that wasnt detected by the 3.3 firmware, the tech savy ones amongst you might want to check http://hackmii.com/2008/06/wii-menu-tp-hack-killer-analysis/ and http://hackmii.com/2008/06/twilight-hack-v01beta1/. This new version of the Twilight Hack was released about a week ago and I have to say, it works like a charm.

This basicaly means that every Wii, no matter what firmware it runs, can execute the Twilight Hack and therefor all homebrew. However, this also shows that Nintendo IS actively looking into the matter, meaning that we can expect some more bumps in the road. I will post a big warning sign as soon as Nintendo distributes anything that causes a risk to your Wii console, but up until that point, you can update your Wii console without any problems. The 3.3 firmware update didn’t just fix the twilight hack though, it also fixes the so called “trucha bug”. The trucha bug allowed for previously altered discs to be run, and this was mainly used for things like uncensoring Manhunt or so called “scrubbing” iso’s, in other words, this won’t present any problems for people that haven’t installed a modchip, since they can’t run these discs anyway. The problem on this one is that Datel also uses the “Trucha bug” on its Freeloader, meaning that with firmware 3.3 you can no longer use the Freeloader. However, there is a great alternative for this which goes by the name of “Gecko Region Free”. It is a homebrew application that you run, and then you insert your imported disc. This will completely ignore the update partition on the disc and make sure it runs on any region Wii.

The most comon fear that people have is that Nintendo will try to brick your console (or ban you from their online service ala Microsoft) if they find any traces of homebrew. Well rest assured, this most likely won’t happen. Why not? Because quite frankly, Nintendo doesn’t give a shit about you. Just like every other major company, they only care about money. As long as homebrew doesn’t cause any money loss for them, they won’t care. Also, if they decide to brick consoles all those Wii’s will be sent to their repair centers, which will evantualy cause them to lose money. But then why did they distribute the 3.3 update? Because due to some bad people homebrew also enables you to pirate things like VC and WiiWare games, which offcourse is a horrible thing to do.

If you’ve payed attention so far you now know that allthough homebrew will always present a certain risk, if you use it wisely it shouldn’t present any problems.

Well that’s about it for today, this was the last part of the introduction. My next post will be a step by step guide to installing the twilight hack and the homebrew channel. After that I’ll focus on putting great homebrew applications in the spotlights.

Once again, constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.


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Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • http://wb3000.co.nr WB3000

    good article, but saying that Nintendo cares more about Wii homebrew than they did about Gamecube homebrew might be due to the Wii being constantly updated with new firmwares, while the Gamecube was stuck at it’s factory state. There was nothing that they could do.

  • Densha

    i don’t think nintendo brick modified consoles… it would affect their image.. and it would be illegal.. modchip are legal in many countries

  • http://wiinintendo.net/index.php?s=hey_suburbia hey_suburbia

    I’m confident Nintendo will never brick modified Wii consoles. To do so would cause such an uproar (not to mention more attention to those who knew nothing of mod chips) that would damage Nintendo’s public relations with its fans.

    I think the fact that many of the updates that we’ve seen on the Wii specifically say “If you have hardware modifications…” is a clear sign that they are aware, but will only effect software alterations and not hardware. IE. the twilight save file.

    Homebrew is a good thing and I think the first console to embrace it and promote it will reap the benefits.

  • Nils

    Well, as a wise man yesterday said: Nintendo are legaly entitled to stop the twilight hack, but that doesn’t make the twilight hack illegal.

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  • DarkEnigma91

    Once again, this article was a nice read. Thanks for all the homebrew information. I’m getting smarter by the day lol

  • bored to death

    how do u download the hombrew channel on to your wii please reply

  • http://www.wiinintendo.net Nils
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  • adam

    I have no desire to play zelda twilight princess.. why is this particular save/game necessary for the install? can it be installed by any other method?

  • http://www.wiinintendo.net Nils

    zelda is required because the stack overflow was discovered in zelda

  • kevan smith

    hey i am not really good at all the computer stuff but i want to get homebrew but what can it really do for me what are its functions

    • lkgeer

      ok first go to http://www.wiibrew.com. then go and download bannerbomb and follow the provided instructions on the website. once u get apps, u can play them and there are some really good games!

    • lkgeer

      homebrew is a game with many mini games pretty much

  • Lunatic24_7

    I have to say I’m a lot clearer on what I can and cannot do…I was worried about ‘Bricking’ my Wii. but since I’m not ever going to be online with it..I can play around with it…COuld you post a page on the differences between the cIOS..I’m still a little confused as to their very nature and which one’s I need And Which one’s I don’t. Thanks

  • lkgeer

    really good article!

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  • Blaiseromo

    Thanks I was scared before because I didn’t want my little brothers to use the channel and brick the wii. But I’ll just put it on the other side of the menu plus I don’t want to break games like cod. In gonna try it on goldeneye or some other game just for kicks especially on goldeneye. Time to troll.

  • MetalSage

    I’m a little confused I want to play games for free (I know shame on me lol) i read over the article and I basically got a little confused do it mean I can download Wii Homebrew but i shouldn’t download it from my Wii and if I do download it from either my computer or my Wii will it block my from things such as YouTube and Netflix ? ……………. I hope this makes sense.