Captain Rainbow- Japanese Debut Trailer

Make of it what you will.'

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  • digfree

    WTH is birdo doing here?!

  • Roth

    It’s most definitely for the different gamers if you know what I mean. \:D/
    But it looks alright, quite comical I see.

    // Roth

  • Toph

    Skip are the people who made Chibi Robo, and that’s one of my favourite games of all time. If it’s as charming as that was, it should be good.
    Though, Birdo looks so creepy.

    “The main character is a guy called Nick and his alter ego, Captain Rainbow, is a reference to the TV series Masked Rider. There will be minigames such as golf, bug catching and fishing scattered through the game, but the main genre remains a mystery.

    The game’s central island is reportedly chock full of past minor Nintendo characters such as Birdo (who we can see in the video), OtsuSan and Hikari.”

  • Luke

    This is gay…

    in both senses.

  • Charmy

    Do you think that’s really Birdo?