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Wii Game Reviews – Metacritic

Wii Game Reviews – Metacritic

by Bradley DeLorenzoSeptember 3, 2008

Mario Super Sluggers

Mario Super Sluggers Average: 72

Top 4 & Bottom 4 Reviews
Games Master UK – 80
A step back for Wii baseball controls, but enough of a gameplay leap to warrant playing. [Sept 2008, p.70]

GameDaily – 80
A major improvement on the formula first introduced in 2005 with “Mario Superstar Baseball” on the GameCube.

GameSpy – 80
The biggest control-related issues arise from the system’s imperfect recognition of your motions and button presses.

NGamer UK – 79

It isn’t quite the game we were hoping for, but taken as another Mario sports game rather than a baseball sim, it’s as solid and enjoyable as you’d expect. [JPN Import; Sept 2008, p.52]

Kombo – 70
It’d make a great rental though. Take it for a test drive and see if the experience sticks for your preferred control method and number of available players.

GameSpot – 65
It’s not another Mario sports gem, but Mario Super Sluggers still has a rough, unpolished appeal.

GamePro – 60
Poor controls, frustrating gameplay and a repetitive single-player mode mean it’s three strikes and you’re out for Mario and his friends.

Game Informer – 55

Multiplayer is amusing in that hanging out with your friends is fun anyway, but the single-player content is truly terrible. A series of boring one-off challenges punctuated by simplistic exploration and the occasional full game makes up Mario’s quest to foil Bowser Jr. via baseball. Yes, it’s as insipid as it sounds.


Helix (WiiWare)

Helix Average: 62

7 Latest Reviews

GameFocus – 85
The game has a ton of real value because there are plenty of songs to unlock, difficulty levels and the price is so low it makes it worth while to pick up even as an impulse purchase.

WiiWare World – 80
A refreshing entry into the rhythm action genre and, without a doubt, one of the more worthwhile additions to WiiWare.

Cheat Code Central – 76
Wii Fit is a pricier option for health conscious players who like to have a good time while getting in shape, but Helix does the trick and then some at a budget price of $10.

GamerNode – 75
A pretty fun, if not, simple game. If you don’t have coordination, you might be frustrated with the gameplay. However, the easy mode makes up for this. A good all around game for exercise and pretending that you’re John Travolta.

Console Gameworld – 70
Helix has the potential to be a better title in future incarnations, but for now you’ll just have to enjoy the music and dance to the beat of your own drummer. Get it for the music!

Gamervision – 50
Die-hard rhythm game fans might get a kick out of this, but for the average gamer, there’s nothing here worth ten bucks.

IGN – 43
But rather than approximate real activity, Helix incorporates the same shallow motion controls so many other Wii games use to embarrass the user. The blah visuals and generic techno don’t make struggling through it any easier.


Madden ’09 All Play

Madden NFL 09 All-Play Average: 82

Top 4 & Bottom 4 Reviews
Nintendo Power – 90
So while EA may not have lived up to its marketing directive, it’s succeeded in creating quite possibly the best, most fully featured sports sim available on the Wii. [Sept 2008, p.85]

IGN – 86
EA is showing a serious investment on Wii, and Madden NFL 09 All-Play truly delivers. Whether you’re a gaming rookie or seasoned veteran, there’s something here for everyone, and that’s what All-Play is all about.

WonderwallWeb – 85
Madden NFL 09 All Play improves greatly on last years Wii effort, there is a bit of retreading on old ground, especially in the Party Play area but in all it makes for a great family game, keeping a sensible balance for beginners and experienced players.

Nintendojo – 84
The improvements are welcome, however, as the 5 vs. 5 mode is great for playing with friends locally, and the online interface is another step in the right direction for Wii.

Games Radar – 80
It’s an undeniably fun experience that will please many in its target audience, and even includes roster updates and online play. Not to mention we’re really starting to like a little waggle with our football.

GameSpy – 80
Madden NFL 09 All-Play is not a dumbed-down version of this year’s best football game. Think of it more like a specialized version that successfully refines the crucial elements of football and distills them into a final product that is at once accessible and plenty of fun.

G4 TV – 80
Madden NFL 09 is a big improvement over last year’s version, if only because it’s more playable. The new features aren’t earth shattering, and it’s hard to fathom why the five-on-five mode wasn’t juiced up to provide an even more arcade-like experience.

GameSpot -70
Simple controls and a number of newcomer-friendly features make Madden 09 on the Wii a good game for beginners, but there’s very little new here for series veterans.

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