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KORG DS Synthesizer

KORG DS Synthesizer

by Bradley DeLorenzoSeptember 15, 2008


KORG has unveiled a version of its professional electronic synthesizer range for the Nintendo DS.

According to the company, the handheld version, KORG DS-10, reproduces “the quality and behaviour of original KORG products,” providing a “fully functional, complete synthesizer on the Nintendo DS that will allow musicians to improvise and record their own music, alone or with fellow musicians.” We doubt DJ Hype will be switching toys any time soon.

The DS version emulates the MS-10 (which is apparently another synthesizer – we’re not exactly hanging out with Pete Tong here) interface across the DS’s two screens, letting would be mixers to improvise beats and melodies.

Apparently you can modify drumbeats by drawing marks and edit the synthesizer tone colour by “tweaking” knobs and connecting patch cables between virtual jacks. Sounds fancy, but we’re interested to see if the DS can put out decent enough audio to make it work.

“KORG has been at the heart of electronic music for many years and we are very pleased to be able to offer this new creative platform to Nintendo DS users,” said Nintendo Europe marketing boss Laurent Fisher. “KORG DS-10 highlights the versatility of the console as music fans to take their creativeness out of the studio, as well as being accessible to all electro music lovers with it’s great value.”

KORG DS-10 is out in Europe on October 10.


I saw this on my friend’s R4 player and it’s amazing for anyone who loves messing around with music (i.e. Electroplankton).


Sorry if this is old news. I’m a new blogger and still getting used to it all.





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