Mother 3 Fan-Translation Finished!

The Mother 3 fan-translation is one of the few games I will talk about that is receiving a fan-port. Nintendo knows its going on, and has mentioned the Starmen team numerous times in Nintendo Power. According to reader Monodi, the translation is finally complete. There is some more testing to be done, which should take a month or so, but after that, you may actually be able to play Mother 3!


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  • Ayce

    That’s great news. I’ve been watching their site for some time now. Can’t wait till they release it.

  • SirVenom

    Dagnabbit, you beat me! I will change mine to an article about Jack Thompson :(

  • Roth

    Just in time for Christmas..
    I love the music from this part of the series.
    \:D/ ~<3

    // Roth

  • hattrick

    @ SirVenom – :-) Sorry.

  • M3P

    It’s released! Go get it!