Resident Evil Screens

I found some screens on the upcoming Wii version of Resident Evil. I’m glad we’re slowly getting more adult-looking games for the Wii.

Some fresh blood splattered new screenshots for Resident Evil Wii.

Bring on the undead i say!



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  • Elias

    Aren’t those screens from Resident Evil 1? Not Zero… or am I wrong?
    BTW they look just like the GameCube version and that it’s good for me

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  • DarkWish

    @Elias: Nice catch. It seems Rob was confused, so I’ll change the post.

  • Kaneco

    I already have all these games on the gamecube, so I bet they’re basicly the same…but I do hope if they decide to make RE2 & 3 for the wii, they make it
    with enhanced graphics like RE: Remake. =D

  • Roth

    I wouldn’t mind playing this game again on Wii.
    It’s still a great game!
    By the way, this port will be out in Japan this following Christmas I believe.

    // Roth

  • Rob M. Errera

    Ah! Sorry! At a glance, I mistook Chris for Billy. My mistake. Thanks for changing it, DarkWish.

    I’m curious as to how the rumored motion aiming will work with a fixed camera. Anyone hear anything on controls?

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  • cloudskitty7

    Can we please get a remake of RE2 or RE3?
    We’ve been here, and done this!