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Wario Land: Shake It – 1st Impressions

Wario Land: Shake It – 1st Impressions

by Steve CullumSeptember 30, 2008

I just finished Area 1 of Wario Land: Shake It, and I have to say I am pretty impressed.  Initially, I did not think I would like it, being sold as a full game (so I rented).  I was not sure how a side-scroller could be good enough for a non-downloadable Wii game.  Because of my unexpected happiness, I decided this experience needed to be shared with others like me.

The game starts out really awkward.  I’m still wondering why Wario was the one asked to help this “Shake Kingdom.”  Anyway, the first stage is a basic tutorial.  I was pleased that it was not several pages of text showing you how to play.  There was a simple diagram on the wall, which showed you the buttons to push or the motion to make, and that was it.  I did get stuck on one part, but after some analyzing, I understood what was to happen.  I progressed through the first area in just under an hour, only repeating one stage trying to get a better time.  I also unlocked a secret map that was pretty difficult (as it hinted) compared to the other stages.  I also like how many stages allow you to prepare a way for your exit.  In doing so, you create a faster way of escaping after you rescue the “whatever-they-are-called.”  The escape gave it somewhat of a Metroid feel.  The graphics looked amazing on the Wii.  It felt like I was playing a cartoon, because the cell-shading was that good.  I definitely believe this was a good way to go.  (However, I do wonder what a “real-life” version would look like…)  The stages do not take too long to complete, as I think my longest one, so far, has been something like 5-6 minutes.  Overall, I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys platforming, especially old-school 2D side-scrolling platforms.

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