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Tiger Woods ’09 – 1st Impressions

Tiger Woods ’09 – 1st Impressions

by Steve CullumOctober 1, 2008

I just finished my first 9 holes of “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play.”  To start with, I hope EA drops the “All-Play” part of the name, because that’s just too long to type/say.  Speaking of which, I did not try the All-Play, but jumped right in to the front 9 of Pebble Beach.  Here’s my first impressions.

Look – It looks great!  The course looked very pretty, especially #7.  Tiger looked exactly like himself.

Controls – Overall, they were good.  Sure, I didn’t take advantage of the tutorial, but I was ready to play!  Because of this, it took me a bit to catch on.  After about 8 holes, I finally got putting down.

Features – I’ve only played 9 holes so far, so I cannot comment too much on this.  However, it was nice to see a menu at the very beginning showing what was new in ’09.  Even though golf games aren’t usually my thing, and I’d probably never play online, it is nice to have the option.  There also seems to be several mini-games, which I think is funny.

Voices/Commentary – It felt just like I was watching golf on TV, which I never do.  However, I did feel quite horrible after playing.  This was probably because they were tearing me down on almost every shot.  Yes, I know I suck, but you don’t have to tell me every time I hit the ball!

Overall Impressions – Good solid game, but not my thing.  You can tell that from my score of 58 on the front 9 of Pebble Beach (where the par is 38).  I’d recommend this game if you are a golf fan (or golf video game fan).  If not, just stick with Wii Sports Golf.  At least it doesn’t make fun of you…

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