Nintendo’s Cammie Dunaway talks with had a great interview with Cammie Dunaway about the DSi, Club Nintendo, and upcoming Wii games.  Check it out!  Here’s the part where she talks about Club Nintendo.  It sounds like we’re going to get a better deal than Europe has.  She asks for our ideas too, so start sending them her way! Tell me about Club Nintendo. You made a small announcement about this — can you share any more details?

Dunaway: No more details. We’re still working out what all the prizes are going to be. We’d love to hear ideas from the fanbase about what kind of things they’d like to see included in Club Nintendo. You will be able to take over some of the points that you have in your current My Nintendo account. It won’t necessarily be all titles, but some Wii and DS titles. We want people to be able to start off with some points. And it’s going to work similar to the way it works in Japan and Europe. Where you get credit for purchasing games and filling out surveys, credit for indicating advance interest in titles … those same features. Yeah, because in Japan if you pre-order a game and buy it, you get extra points for pre-ordering, you get extra points for buying it sooner rather than later, and you get extra points on the back end for filling out a survey about it. So if you’re really dedicated you can get a whole lot of points.

But the issue is: We’ve got Club Nintendo in Europe and Japan, but in Europe it’s about virtual prizes like wallpapers. In Japan it’s physical goods. Is that what we’re looking at for America, the prizes?

Dunaway: It’s going to be a blend of both. Over the first year you’ll see more physical prizes. We’d like to figure out ways to get interesting digital prizes as well, but that’s more for phase two. If you have good ideas, shoot ’em to me.

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    Thanks, it gave me loads of info.

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    Classic SNES Controller please!

    Then I can just throw away the regular CC I have seeing as SNES games are about all it’s really good for IMO!

    Analog sticks never seem to work all that well with them… They almost universally have a problem telling if you’re pressing up-left or just up making them unreliable for a great many games…

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    Guess they haven’t actually seen/herd about the Nintendo Europe site in the past year. We get physical rewards as well. (I got a Pokemon Backpack :P)

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    First they have to let South/Central American countries make their own My Nintendo accounts then we’ll talk…

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    I didn’t know they weren’t allowed. Interesting… However this is about Club Nintendo coming to the USA…so I don’t think this applies to South/Central America. Sorry… :-(

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    Mexico is part of North America and we have no My Nintendo, all of that (and I guess this Club Nintendo too) is just for USA and Canada =(

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    Anyways, they specifically said that “Club Nintendo will be coming to America”, does that mean we aren’t part of America because we don’t live in the US or Canada?

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