Nintendo DSi Software Will Be Region-Locked

Here is a bit of info for all you who are planning on importing a DSi.  It seems that the DSi will not be region locked for basic functions (i.e. DS cartridge games, camera, and internet browser).  However, things such as the DSWare services will be region locked.

“DSi is region locked because DSi embeds net communication functionality within itself, and we are intending to provide net services specifically tailored for each region,” said a statement given to UK consumer website CVG.

The statement reasons that region-locking its upcoming DS hardware upgrade is necessary as the new system will feature parental control features which will be dependent on each region’s unique age limit.

The DSi, however, will be able to play standard Nintendo software from any region, similar to the original Nintendo DS model and the Nintendo DS Lite. Users will also be able to browse the Internet on their DSi from anywhere in the world and exchange photos with friends in other countries.

[For the full article, click here to view Gamasutra.]

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  • noodle

    Chances are this is for the better. The DSi software from my understanding will be stored on the DS’s memory, and it means that we will see more tailor made products, especially for smaller countries. E.g TV Guide, Sports updates etc.

  • Al3xand3r

    It is my understanding that DSi specific software will be downloadable via a WiiWare like service. That’s already region locked for the Wii since every region has access to its own shop only so where’s the problem? People are giving this too much negative attention, WiiWare is great and so will DSWare, even if sometimes we’re jealous of games the US gets and PAL doesn’t or vice versa, though eventually we get all of them together. Pal got Bomberman Blast first and US got Mega Man 9 first, it’s all good.

    DS software which works on DSi remains region free.

  • hattrick

    @ Al3xand3r – I’m not sure I’ve heard many people speak negatively about this. And if they do, I agree with you. It only makes sense (like on the Wii). I’m glad the system itself is still region-free.

  • nintendods

    i remember when nintendo first came out.. great system.. great post.

  • Free Gadget

    Nice blog adding this to my twitter now