Thwomp the Vote!

I wanted to take this opportunity to speak on behalf of all the WiiNintendo staff, and encourage you to vote on this upcoming election (of course, those under 18 or do not live in the USA need not apply).  We are obviously not promoting one candidate, but we want you to let your voice be heard on November 4.

With that being said, the folks over at “” have put together a mock campaign featuring our most beloved Nintendo characters, called “Thwomp the Vote.”  Here are a couple campaign posters (click to enlarge them).


As stated above, we are not backing any candidate here, but we are strongly encouraging you to go vote this November.  For full “Thwomp the Vote” coverage, click here for  For unbiased US election info, click here to visit

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  • SirVenom

    By all means, gamers, VOTE!

    Unless you are voting against my chosen candidate : P I won’t say who, so you just have to guess, I suppose : P

  • hullbreach

    Don’t forget all the other parties running as well. I know I’m forgetting some of them here, but here’s a decent list:

    America’s Third – David Jon Sponheim
    Boston Tea – Charles Jay
    Constitution – Rev. Chuck Baldwin
    Democratic – Sen. Barack Obama
    Green – Rep. Cynthia McKinney
    Libertarian – Rep. Bob Barr
    New American Independent – Frank McEnulty
    Prohibition – Gene Amondson
    Reform – Ted Weill
    Republican – Sen. John McCain
    Socialism and Liberation – Gloria La Riva
    Socialist – Brian Moore
    Socialist Workers – Róger Calero

    …and several independents

    Obviously the minor parties have no chance of winning, but remember Perot in the 1990s runs had a considerable portion of the popular vote because enough people jumped parties.

    Anyways, take into consideration all the issues and where the candidates stand. Do your research so that you are not voting blind. Voting for looks, gender, ethnicity, or rhetoric, are not as important as voting based on what that individual will do for the country. There are countless issues, some major, some minor, some over-politicised. Pick what matters to you, and research it because the winner will be in office for 4 or 8 years.

    In short: Make your informed choice, and cast your vote.