Off Topic: I’m going to be a dad

nintendo nursery

I went off topic once since WiiNintendo started in April ’06, the first was when I got married (but I posted footage of the Wii being used on our honeymoon cruise ship), so I was still slightly on topic.

Well, once again I’ll go slightly off topic; I’m going to be having a baby boy, Bowser Jr…. kidding, “Weston Atticus DeLorenzo”. He’s due mid-March.

Anyway, the reason for the post now is that we’re 80% done with his nursery/room and I decided he needed some Nintendo artwork and some of my old 80’s Nintendo relics.  Spoiled kid also got a roof deck in his room overlooking center city Philadelphia.

nintendo bedroom

nintendo baby room

nintendo room

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  • hattrick

    Congratulations, dude! And that is one sweet nursery!

    P.S. I might have to go off-topic for my wedding too (Jan. 3), but my reason is because we got Mii wedding cake toppers. They are awesome!

  • Tristan

    Congragulatrions too and that room looks spicy hot.

    I love that image of WindWaker (well the bottom half of it) as well as that Mushroom.

  • Shazard

    Congrats!!! When the young lad is at the right age… you must garb him with a green tunic:)

  • DarkWish

    Congrats Mickey! That is one awesome room. I’m totally jealous now lol.

  • Noodle

    Merry Christmas Mickey, and congratulations! Hope you spend a merry Christmas with your wife, because next year Weston Atticus will steal all the attention 😛

    ~ Noodle!

  • Roth

    GOT DAAANG~! That looks impressive. Weston is a very lucky boy to have all this. LOL @ the pugs~
    You guys take good care and have a safe holiday! \:D/

    // Roth

  • Rob

    Congrats, man! And the room looks awesome. A Wii world is a great place to raise a kid, but you musn’t allow Weston to forget the family roots. I guess that’s where the decorations come in, huh? I’m happy for you man. My gf says congratulations, too.

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding! I hope the two of you only get happier together. My friend always says, “The couple that plays together stays together,” so if the two of you don’t already, start teaching some games 😉

    Also, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to everyone on the site.

  • shanoboy

    I just had a child of my own recently! She’s six weeks old. My wife wouldn’t be as kind as yours in letting me decorate a room with Nintendo art though.

    But actually, if I were to find the nice stuff you guys have, she might. Great decor skills.

  • hullbreach

    So when’s the baby due?

    My wife and I are having a little girl in late March. We originally decided on the name Zelda, but now she has gotten all cranky about it and wants Gabriella.

  • hey_suburbia

    >> So when’s the baby due?

    March 14, 2008 (Pi Day, 3.14, hopefully he’s a mathematician)

  • yeoo_andy_ni

    Congratulations. Me too, and I’m using your decorating skills as inspiration. Don’t know whether or not it’ll be a boy or a girl, butI’ll be doing a Nintendo themed room now.
    Gorgeously kitted out btw!

  • Dabein

    Congrats man. Fatherhood is an exciting adventure. My son just turned 2 and he loves watching the old Mario and Zelda cartoons with me. He also loves watching me play games. He just sits in my lap with his own Wiimote and points it at the TV.

    My Son sitting with me when he was 6 months old:

    I was playing Mario Galaxy while my wife got her hair done. My son just had to play along.

  • Dabein
  • hattrick

    @ Dabein – That’s awesome!

  • Charmy

    Awesome, congrats! Ooh, how I want that R.O.B. You should get him on as soon as he’s old enough.

  • gameon

    CONGRATS BUDDY! THE room looks awesome!