Sonic and the Black Knight: Japanese Run Trailer

What is your opinion of this game?'

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  • Beximus

    from what i know of recent sonic games.

    i will not get my hopes up.

  • hattrick

    I don’t want to get my hopes up either, but this actually doesn’t look too bad so far…

  • Beximus

    3. the music is already starting to irritate me the way seven rings did.

  • Link_2.0

    the gameplay wasn’t bad
    but the cinematic and music reminded me of crazed unicorns
    (majestic, annoying, feminine, and horrible)

  • SonicSnakeandLinkfan

    Looks pretty good to me. I’m just dissapointed i didn’t win the art contest…oh well. But anyway, I love how they added shadow, blaise, and knuckles in armor. It looks pretty cool! People need to stop grading stuff based on past games and play the sonic games to have fun. Even if i’m a sonic fan, i think the games have been good. The ratings have been hammering down way too hard in my opinion.