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Wii Fit Gets Real Health Services

Wii Fit Gets Real Health Services

by Bradley DeLorenzoJanuary 27, 2009

Using Wii Fit and a new Wii Fit Body Check Channel, Wii owners will be able to interact directly with health professionals who will, via the internet, have access to weight and exercise data that’s measured by Wii Fit. The service will also support data from Nintendo’s Japan-only Lifestyle Rhythm DS title.

Nintendo is making the Channel internally. The other side of the equation is coming from NEC, Panasonic, and Hitachi. These electronics giants are developing systems that interface with Wii Fit Body Check Channel and provide different health services to users.

While the services and systems being developed by the three manufacturers are independent of one another, they all seem to share one thing in common: they give users a means of interacting with health professionals from the comfort of their home. The Wii Fit Body Check Channel serves as a bridge between care providers and those being cared for, making communication easy thanks to what will presumably be a smooth Nintendo-style interface.

Hitachi is set to conduct internal tests in February, and, if everything works out, will sell its system to care providers, who can presumably then use it to offer various customized services to the general public. Panasonic’s system, known as Plissimo Sigusa, appears to be on more solid ground, as the firm plans on offering it to health organizations and insurance companies in April. Again, it’s unclear at this point what these companies will do with the system, but we presume they’ll use it to connect directly with their patients and customers.


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