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Third WiiNintendo Scavenger Hunt – Day 5

Third WiiNintendo Scavenger Hunt – Day 5

by SirVenomFebruary 27, 2009

wsh2 copy Day five! One day left! I made this Hunt possible to win by people who jump in during the last few days, but time is running out! If anyone would like to jump in now, this is pretty much your last chance. Go to Day 1 to begin.

Ok, what are you guys waiting for? GO TO!


  • The prize will be 2000 Wii Points.
  • The clue will be within the FIRST FIVE PAGES of results.
  • You may need to actually open an article (instead of reading it from the search) by clicking the “More” button to see the clue.
  • Don’t forget to check image alts by holding the cursor over images! (FireFox users (and possibly other browsers) may have to right click pictures and click “properties” to see the alternate text. Sorry for the inconvenience!)
  • You will NEVER be directed away from the WiiNintendo network, have to watch a video or read comments for a clue.

If you have questions or have solved the Hunt, email me with your solution at (replacing the # symbol with @) with the word “SCAVENGER” in the subject line. Any email without the word “SCAVENGER” will be filtered and I will not see it. I will NOT give hints, but I will answer general questions.

P.S.: Doing the hunt? Finished for the day? Leave your feedback here!

P.P.S: Don’t know what I am talking about? See the previous days’ articles here:

Day 1

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