Dead Rising Wii VS. Dead Rising 360

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I’m about 1/2 way through the Wii version, I never owned another non-Nintendo console before except a Dreamcast, so I never played this for the 360. I saw my brother play it on his 360 about a year ago and have been watching some HD YouTube clips of the 360 version. I knew very well going in that the zombie count wouldn’t be nearly as high, I’m fine with the low res textures, and I don’t really mind the popping in zombies, but I really hate the decrease in usable weapons, the blood looks terrible, no blood splatters, and it really feels un-polished… I’m a little disappointed, but overall I’m having a good time playing… seeing videos like this almost make me want to get a second console… almost.

I still do plenty of gaming on the PC which blows away the 360/ps3 in my opinion.

Watch in YouTube HD'

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