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Police concerned about DSi

Police concerned about DSi

by SirVenomMarch 8, 2009

STALKER Some of you will remember the ‘news’ about cyber-stalkers using Pictochat to find victims. Rather than ranting for paragraphs and paragraphs about how stupid that claim is (not to mention that a DS’s wireless range is only thirty feet), I will just say that it’s stupid.

Well, now it’s happening with the DSi… before it’s even been released, for Pete’s sake!

Police are concerned about the two cameras and the built-in wireless Internet this time around.

“Now not only can the children be contacted, but they can be asked to provide pictures, video,” says Sergeant Adam Holland, who investigates internet crimes against children for the Fort Smith Police Department.

You know what? Dumpster divers can find your fingerprints on soda bottles!

I haven’t done much ‘deep’ research, but I know Nintendo. Here’s the deal:

Pictochat has a range of THIRTY FEET and no internet capabities.

Nintendo would NOT allow images and video to be uploaded to the Internet. They don’t even allow you to send screenshots from the Wii to your own computer!

Threat level: Nil. Case closed.


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