Off Topic – Baby Weston takes a turn for the worse

Unfortunately, Weston had a very difficult night with multiple seizures and uncontrollable bleeding from his brain.  The EEG results verified no brain activity and consecutive tests led to the same conclusion.  Weston is currently on life support and will only make it a few more hours to 24 hours…  We’re waiting for final consultation before we remove his breathing apparatus.  We have the most amazing Doctors in the world at CHOP and they provided top notch care.  We love Weston very much and are extremely distraught.  We have family around us and around Weston.  My mom and Diana’s sister will be holding him during his final moments.  I will let everyone know when he passes and keep you informed on future arrangements.  We have our phones off only because it’s too much to have to explain each time.  This page will give you updates until we can get around to calling everyone.  Thank you everyone for your support it means everything to us.

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  • ttam

    I don’t know what to say except for my condolences. I hope things are going to be okay.

  • Charmy

    Mickey, I’m continually praying for your whole family. Weston is adorable, and hopefully God will pull him through!

  • Shazard

    I pray Weston has a great life, be it here or in heaven. Inshallah.

  • hattrick

    Praying for peace no matter what happens in the end, although we are obviously pulling for a recovery.

  • blazed

    baby weston is in my prayers and god bless him and his family….

  • Teamjacob

    AAWWW Thats sooo sad! Its something you think will never happen to you then BOOM! Reality hits. I will have Weston in my prayers. You guys are soo strong it must be VERY hard going throught this!! We are praying for a miracle!