Amazon vs. Toys R Us vs. Gamestop


As you probably know by now, both Amazon and Toys R Us are attempting to get into the used game market in the US.  If you are like me, you’ve been hoping someone can do a better job than Gamestop.  However, will either of these companies pull it off?  CAG has their own observations and predictions.

Toys R Us and Amazon are certainly not the first retailers to try and grab a piece of the used game market and they won’t be the last. GameStop has had competition in the past and still has competition to this day. Stores including Circuit City, Best Buy, Blockbuster, Game Crazy, FYE, Play-N-Trade, and Wherehouse have all tested the waters with little effect to GameStop’s used game profits. Toys R Us and Amazon aren’t positioned in ways that are significantly different than those who have already thrown their hats into the used game business ring.

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Do you plan on using either Amazon or Toys R Us for your used gaming needs?  If so, please share your experiences with us below or in our forums.

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  • charon12

    Personally, I’d use whoever gave me the most money for my trade-ins. Someone needs to do an article comparing the trade-in value of games amongst the competitors because that’s probably what most consumers would be looking at.

  • SirWetBiscuitJr.

    I got my used copy of “Rayman Raving Rabbids” from Amazon! It was only like, $27 I think.

    Also, I guess it makes sense Gamestop does well in that department. There’s a local place in my area, Slackers, who sells overpriced used games (I got my used copy of “WarioWare: Smooth Moves” there for $50), and buys back used games for around… $8 of store credit. I’m sure I’ve said this somewhere before, but once I tried to trade in a Christmas present (“Loony Tunes: Acme Arsenal,” which had terrible reviews) and that’s what they tried to give me. I had never opened the game or taken it out of its wrapper, and I got a full $50 for it at Wal-Mart. There’s no way my mom paid that much for it in the first place!

    Anyways, I hope anyone can take Gamestop down a notch. Gamestop kinda needs to be punished for employing goontards who don’t know about their work.

  • hattrick

    I agree that someone needs to do an analysis of the trade-in values! When I found this one posted above at CAG, I was hoping that it included this…but alas, it did not.