No Wii MotionPlus in "The Conduit"

Many people have been spreading rumors that The Conduit will support MotionPlus. Well, High Voltage CEO Eric Nofsinger cleared up that confusion in a recent interview.

When asked about the accessory’s inclusion, Nofsinger said, “Not for this version.”

Some find the wording of this denial, “this version”, to be an unusual choice of words, and think that it might point to multiple versions of The Conduit or The Conduit 2.

Past reports did indeed state that High Voltage was working with MotionPlus, but support for the add-on was dropped later in development.

Personally, I see no use for MotionPlus in a shooter game. I don’t know how many gamers realize this, but MotionPlus only enhances the motion tracking of the Wii Remote, not the pointer tracking.

The Conduit, slated for release on June 9 2009, will utilize WiiSpeak for its sixteen-player online multiplayer.

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  • drew

    Actually, it does help pointer tracking, indirectly. If the pointer leaves the screen, the motion plus can continue to determine the pointer’s location based on movement of the remote alone. This eliminates the need for those “point wii remote at screen” messages, like in TP for example.

  • hattrick

    I think it’s silly how people still think it is supposed to have WMP. They’ve been saying they decided not to include it for quite some time. They felt it would feel “tacked on” instead of well implemented. I’ve always interpreted the “this version” talk as they will try to incorporate it in the sequel.