Adam Sessler says hi to WiiNintendo

Big thanks to Adam for the shout out, make sure to check out G4TV’s coverage of the events I was at today'

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  • Shazard

    Sessler is a Ninty fanboy, i just know it.

  • Canaroo

    Well he did LOVE Boom Blox. Which was awesome.

  • Luke

    I WOULD watch x-play, but they moved it up into the premium cable package >:-(

  • DarkWish

    I don’t know why, there was something I just didn’t like about Adam Sessler before, but just because of this video I like him now lol.

  • SirVenom

    Ha, that was great =D

    Shoot, I need to try and post a ton of news today. I feel like I’m slacking.

  • skunkchop

    That was cool.