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Rock Band 2’s Contest: Week 1

Rock Band 2’s Contest: Week 1

by SirVenomMarch 16, 2009


Via our forums (by Hochiminh):

HELLO THERE AND WELCOME TO THE ROCK BAND 2 CONTEST THREAD! Every week you’ll be asked to compete in a specific song, and if you are the winner, you’ll win a prize!

RULES: Every week starting on Mondays at 10a.m. Central Time, a song will be chosen at random, on-disk or downloaded, in which you will need to come up with the highest score. Now, of course, the song can be completed on any difficulty, but the higher the difficulty, the more points you may get. The WiiFuse member with the most points by 10a.m. Central Time next Monday will earn a prize, a VC/WiiWare game of their choice.

Now, here’s how the prizes go:
-Zero difficulty on an instrument=a NES, Sega Master System, or a Commodore 64 game
-One difficulty on an instrument=a Turbographx-16 or Turbographx-16 CD game
-Two difficulty on an instrument=a SNES or Genesis game
-Three difficulty on an instrument=a Neo-Geo game
-Four difficulty on an instrument=a Nintendo 64 game
-Five difficulty on an instrument=a 500-900 point WiiWare title
-Red five difficulty on an instrument=a 1000-1500 point WiiWare title

Now, anyone that is joining NEEDS to exchange Friend Codes within Rock Band 2. To find out what your top score is and how it compares to everyone else’s, just go to Extras and go under Leaderboards; within the Solo category, you have the option to pick an instrument and the songs that are in these contests. Within the leaderboards, select “Change Filter” by pressing the Select button to see who within everyone has the highest score so far.

Upon winning a prize, you must give me your Wii Console Number in order to exchange the gift.

Here we go!

Week of March 16th, 2009 is “My Own Worst Enemy” by Lit on guitar. The winner receives a NES, Sega Master System, or Commodore 64 game of his/her choosing.

P.S. I’m working on a way so that members without wireless access can join too. Maybe you could write your name on a piece of paper and send a photo, similar to Charmy’s contests.

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