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Third WiiNintendo Scavenger Hunt Solution

Third WiiNintendo Scavenger Hunt Solution

by SirVenomMarch 21, 2009

Alrighty, this will be a fairly long article with a ton of images. If you run a dialup connection, you might find drowning to be a more preferable form of suicide than clicking the “More” button below.

If you have no fear of the images, then proceed with my blessings:

You’re a brave lad or lass (I am so politically correct). Below are the secrets of the Third Scavenger Hunt. Some clues were less than stellar (the underlines), some were a stroke of genius (the haiku), but all included a touch of sadism that could only have been my work.

First off, I must make this clear – I know that I made bridges from the beginning to near the end on the last days. I didn’t fix them for these reasons – People who hadn’t begun didn’t have a chance of catching up on the last day, and without the week of experience they wouldn’t be able to discern the more obscure clues. They couldn’t win by that time, no matter what.

With no further ado… the solution (in color!):

Day 1:

Started off with a redirect to the original WiiNintendo Scavenger Hunt article.

Clue 1-1:


Very straightforward, but easy to miss. The clue was DSi, as was plainly stated in the text.

Clue 1-2:

So, after searching for “DSi”, one would eventually find DarkWish’s article, “Rant: Never listen to GameStop Employees”. Within the article were these underlined letters:


Put them together and it spells “EarthBound”. But who on earth would want to go through that, find the letters and put them together? More than you’d think. Crazy, I know 😉

Clue 1-3:

After a short yet painful search through several articles, a skilled Hunter would find my article, “When will we see Earthbound?”


My screen-grab software cannot snap shots of image alt-text, but you will have to take my word for this: Highlighting the image with the mouse cursor revealed the following message:

Isn’t it sad going back and seeing how hopeful we were? I feel sorry for myself 😛 Anyway, we have high hopes for Zelda, which also happens to be the next c|ue.

Zelda was the next clue.

Clue 1-4:

Finally, after a long, excruciating day, the Hunter would find hey_suburbia’s article, “Wii Play has out sold Halo 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Gears of War.”


But, with a horrifying jolt of realization, they knew that this was only the beginning.

Day 2:

Clue 2-1:

I let my Hunters have a few hours of sleep to give them a false feeling of security, that this was all perfectly normal, before the second wave of clues were released. Following clue 1-4, they found clue 2-1 in Charmy’s article, “Chrono Trigger heads to the DS”.


Clue 2-2:

Despite my warning, I left an uncharacteristically-generous call to the viewers’ attention in the next clue’s article. Oh well, I appeased my sadistic nature with the fact that they had to thoroughly search several articles before finding the right one in hey_suburbia’s “WiiNintendo Server Upgrades II”.


Note the italics, which spell out “Wii-kly”.

Clue 2-3:

The clue, naturally, led to DarkWish’s “Podcast: The Wii-kly Fuse #9 – Rock Out Loud”.


Again, this is a clue that cannot be shown in a screengrab. Take my word that highlighting the image revealed this message:

This is an awesome podcast. Why? ‘Cause I’m in it. I couldn’t hear most of the podcast due to technical problems, though, so I ended up interrupting everyone without noticing =P Anyway, click the Wii Sports Experiment tab at the top of the site, and then go to the results page. Within that long-winded article, you will find what you are looking for. Look closely, this one’s hard!

And that was when the Hunters knew, beyond a doubt, that their host was a homicidal maniac!

Clue 2-4:

And so the disheartened Hunters explored hey_suburbia’s extremely long article, “Wii Sports Experiment, Results!” Those who had survived found this:


What is that strange purple highlight over the ‘A’ and the ‘.’?

It was their salvation. They were links to the final clue of the day. The first link was a false link with this URL:


And the second link led to this thread in WiiFuse (our forums):


Dark was the 68th word, and therefore the clue.

So ended the Second Day.

Day 3:

Clue 3-1:

Dang, it is 3:05 AM here! Why do I make promises and get myself into this? =P

Anyway, I will spare you the monologues until we get to the better clues.

The clue “Dark” led to DarkWish’s article, “SEGA Gets Zapped by High Voltage with The Conduit”.


The clue, once again, is an image alt. It read as follows:

Look for bright. Dang, I am going easy on you.

Clue 3-2:

“Bright” led to hey_suburbia’s post, “NJ drivers invade No More Heroes”.


Clue 3-3:

“Left” eventually led to hattrick’s “Wii Shop Channel Update 12/1/08 (NA)”.

Careful and painstaking examination revealed this:


Many a poor soul cried out in anguish at this point. “Where’s the clue?!” Those who had not lost their sanity realized that the clue was “forward”.

Clue 3-4:

Finally, the survivors faced the final clue inside of hey_suburbia’s article, “Joystiq hands-on: Sonic and the Black Knight”.


What was this, some kind of riddle?! No. The clue was not the seventeen syllable poem itself, but the kind of poem it was: Haiku. The clue was “Haiku”.

And so the survivors warily closed their eyes to sleep until the fourth day…

Day 4:

Clue 4-1:

Within Hochiminhs article, “Dropped Gamecube Titles”, the following was found:


Now what? I could have sworn I heard the mournful cries of my tools, but some of them managed to decipher this clue.

Read the first letters from top to bottom: INK. And so the clue was “Ink”.

Clue 4-2:

Ink eventually led to hattrick’s article, “Rumor – Commodore 64 coming to VC?”.


It was straightforward enough. The clue, naturally, was “heart”.

Clue 4-3:

Heart, naturally, led to hattrick’s “Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Update”.


The clue was an image alt. It read:

Search for ‘Write’

Clue 4-4:

Ah, this is one of my favorites. “Write” led to hey_suburbia’s “Nintendo Mensa – February 18th, 2009”.


The answer, by the way, was KMLNS (Kirby, Mario, Link, Ness, Samus).

Day 5:

Clue 5-1:

KMLNS led to hey_suburbia’s “Welcome to WiiNintendo”. How strange to look back at the first articles…


Clue 5-2:

“Peace Out” inevitably led to “Hochiminh’s Rant Day 3”.


The few remaining Hunters fell to their knees and let out a long cry of anguish. When they saw that was not the solution, they looked into other methods.

The trick – I used the Caesar Cipher on this one. That is to say, I shifted every letter “up” to the next letter.

By moving every letter “down” (from R to S, H to I, etc.), the answer was revealed to be… SirVenom!

Clue 5-3:

Naturally, I wanted to take this chance to show my mad skillz. So, of course, the clue was in the image alt in Boggie’s “Weekly Challenge #8”.


The image text said:

Score! Anywho… Here’s the magic word: ‘Dude’. Good luck!

Clue 5-4:

After a short (three whole pages!) search, Hunters found DarkWish’s “Pokemon Platinum coming to the US on March 22nd?”.


Surprisingly, this didn’t put me on the Mafia’s hit list. Nope. Just the Yakuza. At any rate, I had to chance to bask in glory again as Hunters sought out “SirVenom” again.

Clue 5-5:

That eventually led them to MrPhiller’s “What the Wii’s internet service needs to be.”

As I was saying, clue 5-4 didn’t put me on the Mafia’s hit list… this one did! I am currently hiding behind twelve proxies, but I don’t know how long those will protect me!


Clue 5-6:

FINALLY, the Hunters found the last clue of the day within DarkWish’s “Echoes of Time US details and DSi bundle”.


The last bit is not important yet… what IS important is the IGN link. If you click it, you see that the URL is:


Day 6:

Clue 6-1:

The Hunters awoke with high hopes. They knew they had me cornered, and that I could not hold them off much longer… but a cornered beast is far more dangerous than any other!

And so, I laid their long trail ahead of them…

Within hey_suburbia’s “WiiNintendo Firefox Search Plugin” was this message:


Clue 6-2:

So, the Hunters thoroughly searched the articles in the results for “Mickey”. The first letter was:



Clue 6-3:

The second:



Clue 6-4:

The third:



Clue 6-5:

The fourth:


Image alt, spelled out “The last letter in this fine fellow’s screen name.”


Clue 6-6:

The final letter… this was used later as evidence that I was clinically insane. I embedded this clue in a super long post:


Ha! I was wondering why I couldn’t find this one… It seems that Mickey removed it. I put it back in place long enough for a screenshot:



Shift every letter down three and you get… “Rupee”!

Clue 6-7:

Rupee brought the Hunters to Hochiminhs “DS/Gamecube Top Sellers for the Week”.


The answer? Ocarina. Press the holes, the sound is higher.

Clue 6-8:

Ocarina led the survivors to hey_suburbia’s “Zelda, Nintendo’s E3 ace up their sleeve…”.


Caesar shift, as usual. Three letters down, and the keyword is revealed to be “phantom”.

Clue 6-9:

The hunters were close. They knew it. They were near the end! But only one could prevail… when they realized that, the Hunt became an all-out race to the password, which was hidden in Max’s “Nintendo announces Wii and Nintendo DS updated release schedule”.


The clue was in the image. The alt text read:

I imagine you want the p@sswerd. Decipher it – fruqkdvhduv

It deciphered to “cornhasears”.


I suppose you know the ending. Charmy deciphered it and entered the final article. And he saw this:


After entering the password…


What was this, some sort of joke?! SirVenom wasn’t there! And yet, this was the end. SirVenom escaped and will live to lead more unsuspecting victims into his trap.

Charmy? He went mad from the exertion, and spoke such nonsense as this:


Such a sad way to go. He was shipped off to an asylum with a complimentary Wii Points card.

And now, if you don’t mind, I have the Mafia to run from. Ciao!

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