Exclusive: WiiNintendo DSi Hands-On Coverage

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Wow. Really, that’s about all I can say. This event was truly great, and I had a blast. Nintendo is awesome for allowing some of us to have something so special. The GameStop employee who hosted the event said it was so secret, even the others employees weren’t allowed to see the DSi’s until today. It made me feel even more special because there were only four people there, and on top of that one of the people attending was from a city hours away. It was then I knew how wide the range of this event was, which was even more awesome.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you must not know that some Platinum members on Club Nintendo were invited to go test out the DSi, and I happened to be one of the lucky few. Now you know.

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Now I know everyone pretty much knows everything about the DSi already, but I thought this would still be worth posting. Let’s start with the DSi Menu. I wasn’t able to get very many quality shots, my apologies. But in my defense, the GameStop employee wasn’t too thrilled by the sight of my camera, and was afraid that she wasn’t supposed to allow me to take pictures. DarkWish, beware.

Article includes multiple pictures, you have been warned.

What will you and i do?
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The Menu

I think the Menu is the most interesting part about the DSi, because it makes it feel even more like a handheld Wii.

That was really the best shot I could get, sorry again. Like the Wii, the DSi Menu is the neutral starting position when you turn on the DSi. The order of the selections is (not official names):

DSi Shop
Download Play

After that, there were multiple blank selections, which I assume are filled in with DSiWare titles.


The Settings screen is basically the exact same as the Wii Settings, with minor changes such as “Sensor Bar” replaced with “Touch Screen” and “Mic Test” and other minor stuff such as that.


Unfortunately, there was no game available to play at the event, so the main focuses were the Camera and Sound.


The Camera is actually a pretty cool feature. Two different cameras, and there are a lot of different toys used to mess around with your pics.

The DSi system itself, as shown in above pic, can hold up to 412 pics, and a 2 GB SD Card can hold 3,000. I made sure to take the SD Card out to make sure how big it is.

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The Calender feature allows you to see the date you took which picture on. I forget what Other is, but I’m pretty sure that’s where you choose to type of pic: Black and White, Distorted, etc.


I’m positive this is going to be my most-used feature, cause I’m a big music fan. I didn’t have much time to explore this one, as I only was allowed to hold the DSi for five minutes, but there was an info video near where everyone stood.

The DSi can be used as a Music player as well, and holds Music in AAC format. You can also record your own voice using the Mic.

This is the Settings feature of the Sound section.

Headphones- You can choose whether you want the sound to play thrugh the DSi via Mono, or you can use headphones instead by setting it to Stereo.

Tap Sound- Choose whether you want the Touch Screen noises/capabilites (?) to be used while playing music or not. Not real sure what this one exactly is.

Backlight- Choose whether you want the DSi Backlight to Stay On or Stay Off while playing Music.

Delete DSi Sound Data- Just as it says.

DSi Shop

When I tried to access it, a message popped up saying a DSi System Update was needed to be completed in order to proceed. I didn’t think the employees would take kindly to that, so I was forced to skip it. :/

Download Play

Works the same way as the DS Download Play on the DS and DS Lite. Naturally, there was nothing available, so I skipped this one.


No real changes or improvements that I noticed, looked the exact same. Of course, nobody on it was in range, so I skipped over it.

After scrolling through all the selections, I went back around starting from Camera. By the time I got to Sound, my time was up, hence my limited knowledge of it.

I really had a great time just holding it, looking at it, knowing what was coming and what I was going to be able to enjoy soon. But I’m not done with the coverage yet.

There were a few freebies there, and I picked a few up. Just incase you’re curious.


The first one- A DSi Lanyard, which is like those things you see Wal*Mart people wear around their necks with their nametags and stuff. It’s pretty cool, I may wear it if I ever work at GameStop or something. I took these shots later at home.

It has the DSi logo, and the icons of all the selections on the DSi Menu.

The second one- Magnets.

It says-

“what will you and i do?

Then it has all of the icons of the selections at the DSi Menu, but the last one was like a Warning, Hazard and Trademark icon.

Then at the bottom it says-

“This is me on Nintendo DSi.”

It says that because all of the icons are removable, leaving a frame that you can use to magnetize a picture of yourself.

And that’s it for the Freebies. Nothing too amazing, but hey, it’s Nintendo. BUT, here’s some news I think (I hope) has not been announced yet.

If I trade in my DS Lite when purchasing my DSi at GameStop, I will save $70.

If I trade in my Original DS (DS Phat) I’ll save $50

If I trade in my GameBoy Advance SP, I’ll save $20

Fine print- New DSi systems, and color, subject to availability by location. Full trade value amount must be applied torward reserve/purchase of the Nintendo DSi. Offer not good on cash trades. Trades must be in full working condition to recieve full value. Hardware must have all the necessary components for trade. Cannot be cmbined with any other offer. Trade-ins subject to manager approval. See store associate for details. No dealers. Offer valid in the United States, Puerto Rico and Guam only. Offer expires 04/30/09.

Other side-

Nintendo DSi Camera

Two cameras.
Ten interactive lenses.
Endless fun for you and your friends.

Nintendo DSi Sound

Record your voice. Play with your voice.
Play your music. Play with your music.
An interactive audio player.

Nintendo DSi Shop

Browse the Internet.
Entertain yourself. Entertain your friends.
Unleash your creativity.
Download the apps that let you do it all.

DS Download Play

Download demos.
Play against friends.
Connect to the Wii Console.
An easy way to share to the fun. (no typo on my part)


Chat locally with friends.
With pictures.
Now including rainbows.

The Nintendo DSi system comes with the first truly interactive digital camera in a video game system with 10 different interactive “lenses” that can manipulate your photos.

Reserve today! Available April 5th. Available in Black and Blue.

-the rest is the same as the other poster-

Other side-

Get $100 torward the purchase of a new Nintendo DSi by trading in your DS Lite.


So, what will you and i do?

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About the author:

Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • http://blog.scriptedfailures.com Jim

    So is it $70 or $100 with a DS Lite? I’m confused.

  • Galen

    Yeah. Is it $70 or $100? I would bet on $70 knowing GameStop’s past -.-

  • JesseZojo

    Do Platinum members get to do cool stuff like this all the time? I just become one last week…so I have no idea.

  • Mostro

    will the opera browser still be free

    it sucks i have a been a plat member for a while but i try to sign up too late

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  • mejaxi

    I got an invite to this. I rsvp’d one day later, and they said it was closed. that’s MAJOR BS.

  • nitro_rev

    dude, don’t trade in your SP, how will you play your GBA games with a DSi?

  • http://forums.wiinintendo.net Charmy

    Oh, I forgot.

    I’m pretty sure it’s $100 off for anyone at the event, and $70 off for anyone else.

  • Thor

    What is a platinum member? I logged in and it says I’m a platinum member but I guess I have no idea as to what that really means. And I never got an invite but oh well they probably wernt running that in my area.

  • http://wiinintendo.net/ hattrick

    @Mostro – Yes, the Internet Browser will be free for the DSi.

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  • http://yahoo.com jackson

    I dont get it but I have one.

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