Trailer, Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks'

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  • Potatoman

    Uh…I can’t tell if this is a joke or not….

  • Rob

    Ya know, I think it looks like it might be a lot of fun. I’m curious about the technology part of Hyrule, though. Trains and such. I just really hope there’s a Wii Zelda this year as well.



  • SirVenom

    Meh, I don’t know what you guys are on about. Instead of a boat, they have a train. It’s not like the whole game is a rail-shooter or anything.

    Myself? It looks fun. If it is fun, then I’ll like it.

  • Shazard

    im just going to go in the corner and cry till E3 when they announce a wii zelda…. and if they dont….. im taking the next flight out to japan…….. and beg.

  • the gameman

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,NOOOOOOOOOOO! This has to be a joke if they dont make a wii Zelda,I’ll kill myself(not really)

  • nils

    And here the whole world was, anticipating the first glimpse of a new zelda on wii.. what they got however, was a wind waker mod on a handheld. way to go nintendo.

  • Thor

    Wow well… another crappy DS Zelda title. Enough of the Windwaker Theme. I thought it worked well on the Cube but I thought this game looked horrid on the DS. I think hand held gaming for Zelda needs to go back to the 2D look. Or maybe more like the DS Pokemon games.

  • Thor

    Well… I digress.
    I guess it does basically have the Pokemon style to it for game play. Still I think maybe going w/ sprites rather than 3D is the best bet.

  • Charmy

    What’s the big deal? This doesn’t mean that Zelda Wii isn’t still being made. Spirit Tracks actually doesn’t look too bad. I think some people are just upset over no Zelda Wii. But, check out this post:

    My theory is they are waiting to show Zelda Wii news for E3, to make up for last year’s disappointment. The DS Zelda was probably just to hold us over until then.