“Feel” A New Horror Game Coming To The Wii


Being called “Feel” for the time being is a new horror game coming to the Wii.  The game is being worked on by Shimizu Takashi, who is most commonly known for his work with the Two Grudge movies.



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  • http://www.twitter.com/rothsothy Roth

    Words could not express how I feel about this now.
    I love Shimizu-san’s work, big fan of his JU-ON series and so forth.

    // Roth w/ <3

  • http://robmerrera.wordpress.com Rob M. Errera

    Yeah, cuz that’s what we need: a first-person Grudge game… NOT Fatal Frame.

    /sigh. Based on those screenshots, I’m not into it. What ever happened to horror/fear without the extreme gross-out factor?

  • http://www.twitter.com/rothsothy Roth

    Fear is only subjective to an individual no matter what the object is.
    Some people are afraid of gross-out things.
    Some people are afraid of gore.
    Some are afraid of cats, and some are even afraid of eggs.

    Whatever it is, this style is absolutely interesting for people like myself.
    But nevermind that, we have a real film director in our hands dude. We can only imagine the cinematics, atmosphere, and sound put in to this game as the man does in his movies.


    // Roth

  • http://robmerrrera.wordpress.com Rob M. Errera


    Fair enough.