Clash DS: SSB Homebrew


To fill the void for Super Smash Brothers homebrew on the NDS, a group of individuals have come together to produce Clash DS. The team still has open spots for coders and sprite makers. If you are interested in getting on board, please follow the source link below.

We are developing it here:
Direct Link to the current forum: *We keep moving*
Programmers and spriters and general people are always welcome.

Off-site DEMO


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Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • flame

    I hope the roster is good…

  • Q

    I downloaded the demo, and the only thing you can do is jump and run around… But, that just means it’s a work in progress! I CAN’T wait until they finish the actual game… It’s going to be amazing, I can tell.

  • Melvin2898

    It looks good but could be better it should have 3-D.I think if nintendo did make a Super Smash Bros for DSi,they would add 3-D.This game=Awesome.

  • hattrick

    Yeah it is pretty fun. Can’t wait until it’s done, especially if I can somehow play it on my DSi.

  • pein

    tbh i prefer Rumble, it was there first and it has more members

  • SuperGustafson9

    Super Smash Bros For The DS Is So Awesome!

    I Hope To See Characters Like Mew, Megaman, Pikachu, Littlefoot Or Shoyru In It!

  • Gokudo Zerotsuken

    (i’m a spriter work on this project)

  • HaloKittyKiller

    I would love to get involved in this project so if somebody could get me involved I am a expeirenced spriter so feel free to reach me at

  • FKgiggles

    hi, im very intrested in this project. if you still need help, id be happy to make some spirtes for yall.

  • Kevin

    Im in the team, and this is way outdated. We've changed the whole look.