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by Bradley DeLorenzoApril 17, 2009

That’s me testing out a beta build of EA Sports Active (busting the scales at 200+ lbs.) behind me is Lauren (WiiFit Girl on YouTube), she’s part of the Press Release below.

I got to go demo all of EA’s new spring/summer games coming out a few works ago. I had a sit down with Peter Moore, president of EA, we chatted, played games, ate, drank, good times all around.

WiiNintendo is at EA headquarters today
EA Wii Event in San Francisco, CA
EA Sports Active, Tiger Woods 10, Grand Slam Tennis, & Wii Motion Plus
My buddy Jen from EA gives us EA Sports Active

As some of you may or may not know, I helped kick off the “Wii fitness craze”… Wikipedia has this to say about me:

“He played a significant role in the renewal of the “Exergaming” craze that swept through gamers living rooms, gyms, nursing homes, and schools during 2007″

I still find it weird that I have a Wikipedia page

Anyway, in addition to what you’ll read below, I too will be kicking off my own 30 day challenge. I’ll post my before picture, stats, and goals this Saturday (tomorrow). I already had great success with my Wii Sports Experiment and Wii Fit Experiment. A lot of people (myself including) say, “why don’t you stop getting fat, then you won’t have do another experiment. The truth is after the Wii Fit experiment I kept the weight off for a LONG time, but then my wife got pregnant and I spent a lot of time “snacking” with her and not using Wii Fit as much. Unfortunately, our son passed away 2 days after being born and I’ve been having some low points and not getting out much. I’m doing much better now and realized that my health/weight got out of control during this period of time (The past 10 months).

EA Press Release on the challenge

picture-device-independent-bitmap-2On April 18th, the EA SPORTS Active™ “30 Day Challenge” will kick-off with 12 challengers from across the country. EA invites you to follow each challenger’s personal story as they set out on a quest to not only reach their fitness goals through this new virtual fitness product for the Wii™, but to be an inspiration to your readers to get active! EA SPORTS Active will be in stores everywhere on May 19th, with an MSRP of $59.99.

Focusing on helping busy moms and dads who want to integrate fitness and health into their busy lives, this group of 12 participating in the EA SPORTS Active “30 Day Challenge” offer incredible and compelling stories:

* Julie is a virtual fitness expert who lost 60 lbs working out with the Wii and started a community around it called the Wii Mommies. She is looking to lose her last 20lbs using EA SPORTS Active. (,

* Donny is a father of 7 who weighs 350 lbs and is taking on this challenge with his wife Kari to get healthy to be around for his family. (

* Alison Sweeney from Days of our Lives and TV host is taking the challenge to lose baby weight and represent busy moms who need a convenient way to get fit.

Over the next 30 days you can check out the challenger’s diaries and personal videos of their experience on the EA SPORTS Active website: You can also follow EA SPORTS Active on Twitter: @active_girl (start by searching the hash tag for #easactive.)

EA SPORTS Active is at the forefront of the virtual fitness trend and the next generation in home fitness. Developed in collaboration with Bob Greene (of Oprah & Best Life fame) and other fitness experts, this virtual fitness product is not just a workout – it’s a total fitness plan, offering circuit workouts that target upper and lower body, as well as cardio. Circuits can be customized to suit specific interests, duration and fitness levels and users can choose from over 25 different exercises and activities. With the benefit of a personal trainer in a box, users will stay motivated and on track to achieve fitness goals, in the comfort of their home!

Stay tuned!

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