The Conduit – Even More Multiplayer Details


From Josh Olson, Producer at High Voltage Software:

  • Proximity voice only applies for Free-for-All games. Team chat is used for Team Reaper and Team Objective game types. You can’t, however, talk to members on the opposing team in team games.
  • You can only talk to Friends and Friends of Friends with WiiSpeak per Nintendo guidelines. While we would have liked to have been able to open it up to everyone, we’re obligated to follow Nintendo’s requirements.
  • You can mute/unmute anyone, both in the Lobby and in-game.
  • There is a ranking and XP system.
  • You can add Friends in-game without having to manually enter a Friend Code either through sending a console friend request to a Wii console friend or through our UI if a player is a Friend of a Friend. For everyone else, you’ll have to manually enter their Friend Code. Again, we’re obligated to follow Nintendo requirements for Friend Codes.
  • We won’t be supporting DLC or system updates for The Conduit. It’s something that we’ve looked at very closely and plan to implement moving forward with our future titles.


From SEGA’s multiplayer press event in Europe:

  • Three Environments were shown: Hospital, On the Streets, the Pentagon
  • Hospital: lot of corridors, corners and small rooms. Fit for pistol and small guns
  • The Pentagon: Very good combination of big central area with rooms and “balconies”. At the end, everybody goes to the central space. Some sewers, too. Fit for all types of weapons, snipers particularly
  • On the Streets: big empty area with destroyed buildings around. This demo was played with Bazookas only
  • 25 ranks to gain online, level up with experience poitns
  • Three stages types: small (2-6 players), medium (8-10 and big (8-12 players)


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  • Roth

    Loving the info so far.
    I really like the part where you can send friend request both for the game’s buddylist and the Wii’s address book.

    Best part is the “proximity voice” chat only for Free-for-all Deathmatch, but full team voice on Team Deathmatch.

    // Roth

  • hattrick

    Yeah, I don’t know why there have not been many games that utilize the Wii address book.

    Proximity voice chat is pretty cool. It makes sense. And team voice chat is really cool.

  • Batdude

    Hey Hattrick, are you a soccer fan? Anyways, yeah, hoping this game will really be great. I’m still a little confused. Is the proximity thing using friend codes too, or can you hear the six closest people even if they’re not your friends? Please answer.
    By the By, if anyone wants to play some COD WAW, email me at

  • hattrick

    @ Batdude – Yes I am. Played all through college too.

    Proximity chat is only with your friends and friends of friends apparently. And this is only with free-for-all games. Teams will be able to talk no matter where you are at. About friends, you can also request to add them…like in Mario Kart Wii.

  • Mack2D2

    ahh… I thought the name was a hockey reference. Go Avalanche!